Allen Robinson confident he’ll be good to go soon

Getty Images

The Jaguars played essentially the whole season without their top wide receiver, Allen Robinson, who suffered a torn ACL after catching just one pass. But he’s confident he’s going to be good to go and ready to have a big impact in 2018.

Robinson, a free agent who’s expected to get the franchise tag if he doesn’t sign a long-term contract with the Jaguars before the start of free agency, said he doesn’t know what to expect in free agency, but he does know everyone should expect him to be back to form when the season starts.

“I don’t really know what is going to happen. I know there’s a lot of different scenarios,” Robinson told ESPN. “Right now, my main focus is to kind of let my agent narrow down the scenarios and for me to get back at 100 percent. That’s the main focus right now for me. Again, I know I’ll be back at 100 percent and relatively soon. At the end of the day, I know all that is going to play out. I know the player that I am. I know the plays that I made. I know the plays I’m going to continue to make. From that standpoint, it doesn’t really bother me or I don’t really concern myself too much with that [the contract situation].”

The Jaguars made some big strides in 2017, and with their young talent they could easily have the best defense in football in 2018. A healthy Robinson would help get their offense on track as well.