David Andrews on playoff comebacks: No one freaks out


Comeback victories have played a big part of the Patriots’ success in the postseason the last two years as both last year’s Super Bowl win over the Falcons and  this year’s AFC title win over the Jaguars came after the team was down multiple scores in the fourth quarter.

On Monday night in Minnesota, safety Patrick Chung said when asked about the team’s ability to come back that “when you get punched in the face, you have to punch them back.” When it comes to finding the right way to deliver that punch, Patriots players gave different answers. 

Chung leaned on the team’s mantra of doing your job while running back James White said that “sometimes it’s simply playing better.” Center David Andrews said he thinks the team merges those ideas with keeping calm and carrying on.

“I really think it’s just preparation. You never want to be in situations like we were last week or whatever, but we do a good job of trying to prepare for things like that,” Andrews said. “I think it’s just everyone in that locker room and coaches — no one freaks out. We just keep moving forward, taking it play by play. No one tries to go out there and do the impossible. One play, you’re not going to come back 10, 12, whatever it is in one play. Just keep going out there, putting things together one play at a time.”

Whether it’s adjustments, playing better or a combination of the two, the Patriots’ ability to navigate through tough situations has been key to their success and it’s a safe bet that no one will be feeling too down if the Eagles jump out to a lead on Sunday.

4 responses to “David Andrews on playoff comebacks: No one freaks out

  1. Lost in the Patriot’s win last year was the simple fact of Atlanta running one or two minutes more of plays by rushing instead of passing. One more first down would have ended the Patriot’s circle love.

  2. Nor will they be totally distraught if they lose because they know they’ll be at least into the AFCCG again in just 12 months rather than 12+ years like most teams. And win or lose Belichick will prob be haranguing them on Monday morning before the next campaign starts that afternoon.

  3. I love when a fan deconstructs a Patriots comeback victory by reducing it to something simple and implying they really lost but the other team gave it to them. Russell Wilson gave it to them? Matt Ryan gave it to them? Jalen Ramsey gave it to them? Big Ben gave it to them? Terrell Suggs gave it to them? Really?

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