Dirk Koetter shuffling responsibilities on offensive staff

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Buccaneers coach Dirk Koetter has always called his own offensive plays.

But he is going to make some changes on offense, after his team fell well short of expectations last year.

Via Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times, Koetter is making Todd Monken the full-time offensive coordinator. Monken had also served as wide receivers coach, but that job will be filled by the promotion of offensive assistant Skyler Fulton to receivers coach.

“Promoting Skyler Fulton to WR coach,” Koetter said via text. “Monken will be a walk-around OC like almost every other team has. Really nothing more to it than that at this time.”

Koetter didn’t elaborate on the thinking behind the move or whether he planned to retain play-calling, Koetter replied: “Not getting into all of that right now.”

Of course, there were plenty of issues with the Bucs last year, but some suggestions that Koetter and Winston might not have been on the same page has to be a concern (since his relationship with and effect on developing Winston was the reason Koetter got the job). But until we hear more than a text to a reporter from Koetter, it’s hard to know how much to read into this one.

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    It’s often a problem when an offensive coordinator is elevated to the head coach position. They want to retain both positions. It is rarely successful.

  2. Most NFL teams have a great offensive coordinator and a great defensive coordinator. Also great teams have a great offensive line and a great defensive line. the Bucs are still missing quite a few pieces on offense. I don’t see Todd Monken as the answer to the offensive problems as offensive coordinator. We can’t blame everything for the Bad season on cutter but he did play a part in a disappointing season that look good from the start on paper. only problem is they don’t play the games on paper. Unless Koetter finds himself a really good offensive coordinator to get this offense upgraded to where it needs to be we are in for another long season Bucs Fan..

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