Eric Wood will remain on Bills roster until further notice

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Eric Wood has a neck injury that’s serious enough to keep him from being medically cleared to continue playing football, but the center will remains on the Bills roster a while longer.

Wood announced the medical news on Friday along with word of a press conference to talk about it on Monday. The press conference, which was attended by several current and former Bills, started after a 50-minute delay and ended a couple of minutes later with Wood making an opening statement without taking any questions from the assembled media.

Wood said, via the Buffalo News, that “even with further rehab and treatment a return is not possible,” but did not officially announce his retirement and said he “looks forward to helping the team in some capacity” as he remains on the roster.

Salary cap issues, including a jump in his cap hit if he’s placed on the reserve/retired list before June 1, are the reason for the procedural holdup.

“We don’t have any cap room right now,” General Manager Brandon Beane said, via Mike Rodak of “You roll it over [into the next season]. He’ll be on our roster for a while, until we figure things out. We’ll get it worked out. He’ll do stuff on his end, and we’ll do it with the help of the league office and management council. We’ll figure it out from there.”

Wood said he will answer questions at some point in the future and that point will presumably come once these issues have been ironed out.

8 responses to “Eric Wood will remain on Bills roster until further notice

  1. mongo3401 says:
    January 29, 2018 at 3:34 pm
    Making a team leave a players salary hit the cap with a career ending medical issue is insane


    It has to do with the prorated signing bonus that they receive which is spread out over several years. It seems distasteful on the surface, but it’s necessary to balance the books and make sure teams are spending on the same level.

  2. He should get his full bonus. Every player should, if they have a ‘verified’ career ending injury.

    While I agree the whole cap thing is to ‘even’ the playing field, there should be a special provision for guys who want to play and a literally forced to stop by no fault of their own.

    Good luck, Mr. Wood. You deserved every penny you earned.

  3. I can say this for sure: Terry Pegula is learning on the job and still has more
    to learn about becoming a perennially successful owner. One thing I say without hesitation though, is that he is not cheap. He definitely wouldn’t nickel and dime a heart and soul guy like Eric Wood. If it takes some time for salary cap ramifications to become more beneficial that’s another story.

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