Frank Reich: We have to be prepared for Pats to do the unexpected


The Patriots have shown a multitude of different looks on defense over the years as the unit has morphed time and again to make the best use of the players on hand and confuse opposing offenses that aren’t looking for curveballs.

On Monday night, Eagles offensive coordinator Frank Reich was asked what it’s like to face a team that doesn’t have a defensive “DNA” and said that his unit “has to be prepared for” that kind of unexpected look from the Patriots in Super Bowl LII.

“That trait is in and of itself a DNA. We’re a little bit the same way in how we do things. In some respects, there are some core things to what we do and then in other respects every week is a new week. We’re gonna attack each week differently both in the run game and in the pass game. … You can adapt quickly. You don’t wait until halftime to adapt. You have to adapt series by series.”

Reich said that having two weeks between games has been helpful on that front because he’s been able to spend about 80 percent of his time preparing for what he’s seen from New England while still having time to be ready for things that might be coming from a different angle.

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  1. Reich will watch his eagles take a 36-3 halftime lead, never been overcome before until it is 36-10 and a recovered inside kick turns it quickly to 36-17 and then 36-20, which will go to 36-28 with a few minutes to go but the patriots score and miss the 2 point conversion with a little over 2 minutes to go 36-34, and with 45 seconds to go brady gets the ball on his 35 yard line and , we’ll, you’ve seen this story before- biggest comeback of all time eclipsing the great what’s his name from the Buffalo Bills?

  2. I’ll give the Pats some credit in that they do a good job of mixing the defensive coverage enough to make mostly average players look a little above average. But the way to beat them is to put pressure on Tom and cover the short passes, and to watch for the occasional mid/deep ball when they are trying to catch you sleeping without committing pass interference. That’s it. Easier said than done, I know, but it’s been the same offense basically forever. Teams that can accomplish that or slow them down, have a chance if the refs don’t decide the game for them. (Typically not calling the Pats for blatant penalty’s.) Hopefully the NFL won’t have the fix in this game after the one-sided officiating we’ve been seeing and calling the NFL out on lately. I hope it’s a legit game and called fairly for both teams.

  3. All he needs to worry about is the 3rd down o-line holding calls the refs are going to gift the Pats. That and more uncalled DPI then the Seahawks when they were actually good.

  4. Frank is one hell of a offensive football guru and will have several different looks and surprises waiting for the Patriots. Ask Jim Kelly who his best scout was during the games when he and Frank played together for the Bills from 1986-94 and he’ll tell you it was Frank.

  5. The Patriots can morph into different types of defenses and offenses without having to switch players.They have RBs that can run between the tackles,catch and block.WRs that can run all types of different routes,block in the running game,run reverses.The TEs are also multifaceted.The defense has safeties that can cover and aid in the run game.LBs that can blitz,stop the run and cover.Dlineman that can rush the passer,stop the run and drop into coverage.Thats why you rarely see the Patriots get called for 12 men on the field or to many men in the huddle.

  6. Mychal Kendricks knows the drill on that one.
    Game saver in the Falcons win.

    That “fell down” receiver that was going to be the winning TD had Patriots written all over it.
    Kendrick’s was ready

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