James Harrison prepares as if each game is his last, while planning for more

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James Harrison turns 40 in May. Yet, he plans to continue his career into next season.

Harrison said on Super Bowl Opening Night he feels as good today as he did 10 years ago. There’s only one thing he can’t do now that he could do then.

“I could dunk a basketball 10 years ago. I can’t that no more,” Harrison said. “I seem to be able to get stronger as I’ve gotten older, but there’s not much that I really can’t do that I was able to do back then.”

The Patriots linebacker said his preparation has remained the same over the years, and Harrison insists he still has the physical ability to play at a high level.

“My preparation stays the same. That’s the consistent part. It’s easy,” he said. “You prepare for each game as if it could be your last. Preparation is easy.

“It’s a physical game, so you’ve got to go out there and perform physically. I can mentally prepare for everything. Coaches are the best mentally prepared in the world, but why don’t they play? Because they can’t physically do it.”

Harrison played 30 snaps and made three tackles in the divisional round and played 32 snaps and made three tackles with a quarterback hit in the AFC Championship Game.