Malcolm Butler will miss Super Bowl Opening Night with illness

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Tight end Rob Gronkowski won’t be the only Patriots’ player skipping the Super Bowl Opening Night on Monday night. The Patriots announced cornerback Malcolm Butler won’t be in attendance either.

Butler has an illness, according to the team. Gronkowski remains in concussion protocol.

Butler, the star of Super Bowl XLIX with his late interception of Russell Wilson, becomes a free agent after this season. He talked last week about the possibility of Super Bowl LII being his last game in a Patriots uniform.

“Yeah, it crossed my mind,” Butler said, via Jeff Howe of the Boston Herald. “But you know what, man, the only thing that matters is doing whatever I can to help the team win this last game of the season. This is the biggest game of the season. I’ve got to put all [the contract ramifications] in the drawer. That’s not important right now. Over the years, I learned that it isn’t always about you. It’s about the team. Whatever is best for the team, I’ve got to do. [The contract] is not even important right now. I just want to win this championship. Just got to win, man.”

6 responses to “Malcolm Butler will miss Super Bowl Opening Night with illness

  1. Butler says that his contract isn’t important because the only thing that matters is the next game. That’s the Patriot Way.

    In contrast, Bell says that his contract is the most important thing and matters IS his contract. To show he means it, he’s late to meetings, blows off practice, and talks trash at midnight the night before a playoff game. Yup, that’s the Steeler Way…

  2. Butler has been such a good teammate,worker and player for the Patriots. A true unknown to work his way into a starting role, something any fan can cheer for. I hope it works out next year and we can find a way to keep him but with gilmores better play in the second half (not that he was going anywhere with that contract) and other pieces playing wel too, Rowe, Bademosi for stretches, it probably won’t work out. Similar to Logan Ryan, great player but you just can’t pay everyone.

  3. The flu’s goin’ around and its nasty. It got a couple guys on the Eagles over the weekend. It’s not done running its course through either team. The tough guys among PFT’s readers may not like hearing this but the flu will be as much of a factor on Sunday night as the playbook or the gameplan. It doesn’t matter how good you are at playing football, if you are sick, it’s tough to be at the top of your game.

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