Matt Patricia is focused on one thing: Philadelphia, of course

Getty Images

There were things Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia was happy to talk about Monday night.

His beard. Pizza toppings. His pencil of preference.

But not the Lions.

Since he can’t officially be offered the Detroit job yet, he certainly wasn’t talking about the Detroit job he’s already taken or the Detroit staff he’s already begun building.

“All my focus is on the Eagles,” he said the first dozen times, grinning along with the reporters around him, in on the joke but refusing to tell the punch line.

When asked about his interview with the Giants, he echoed the line. When a reporter said he respected Patricia’s focus on his line of choice, the Patriots coordinator replied: “I respect your focus, but the answer’s going to be the same.”

Even attempts at curveballs didn’t get him off topic. The presumptive head coach in waiting was asked if he regretted wearing a T-shirt featuring commissioner Roger Goodell in a clown nose after the last Patriots title (something Goodell hasn’t forgotten), and he replied: “Again, Philadelphia is 100 percent what I’m on right now.”

Patricia was expansive in talking about the Eagles offense, and could have seemingly talked all night. But any topics related to his future employment, he wasn’t touching.

For the record, yes in fact his wife might prefer he trim the beard a bit. And he orders meatballs. And likes a traditional yellow Number 2, “finely sharpened.”