Michael Irvin thinks the Cowboys should keep Dez Bryant

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The Cowboys are expected to squeeze receiver Dez Bryant to take a pay cut this offseason and, if he won’t agree to one, to cut him.

Cowboys Hall of Fame receiver Michael Irvin takes issue with the possibility of the team parting ways with Dez Bryant.

“You don’t find No. 1 receivers hanging off trees like leaves,” Irvin said on Monday’s Dan Patrick Show. “So what you gonna do, let Dez go? Who they got to replace him? . . . You don’t find them this easily, and the Cowboys would be stupid — stupid — to let this boy go right now.”

Irvin didn’t disagree with the question that something needs to change, but he still thinks the connection between Bryant and quarterback Dak Prescott needs work, with Prescott learning (for example) to throw the ball to Bryant even when it’s not in the plan in order to harness his “positive energy.”

Irvin has a good point; unless the Cowboys have a plan for replacing Dez as the team’s top wideout, they need to find a way to keep him. If they do, however, they need to get him to play more like a No. 1 wideout.

Even if they do, it’s hard to justify keeping him at a salary of $12.5 million and a cap number of $16.5 million. Which opens the door perhaps to a restructured deal that allows him to make back whatever pay cut he takes based on his performance.

27 responses to “Michael Irvin thinks the Cowboys should keep Dez Bryant

  1. That is making the assumption that Dez is a #1 receiver. He certainly hasn’t been playing like it.

  2. If Dak has some self confidence in himself, Bryant would be just fine. Dak is more worried about keeping his turnover count low to offset his other low stats. Yeah, he only threw for 180 yards, but he didn’t turn it over!!!

  3. Cowboys have Hall of Fame traditions to uphold, and Dez Bryant is not Hall of Fame material — nor is OBJ. Julio Jones of the Atlanta Falcons is well on his way to earning a bus ticket to Canton as long as Matt Ryan remains a solid cornerstone in Hotlanta. But Matt Ryan needs to throw more TDs to JJ, who is currently lagging behind both Moss and OchoUno (T.O.) as he approaches Game No.96 of the 2018 NFL Regular Season.

  4. It would figure that a former member of the Dallas Prison Farm team would support a current member of the Dallas Prison Farm team.

  5. Dez has never been the same since his catch was taken away against the Steelers. Get Larry Fitzgerald. You know he’s rather be on the Dallas Cowboys than the Cardinals.

  6. Whether or not to cut Dez is the easiest decision any NFL exec will face this season. He makes too much $, he hasn’t played anywhere near that level and so he’s gone. Period.

  7. His production has gone down as his compensation has gone up…not the best way to stay employed in any job.

  8. I agree- Jerry keep Dez and his 12 million $ salary.
    signed, every fan of the Eagles, Giants and Redskins

  9. Irvin is the biggest blowhard on TV and has zero credibility when he’s talking cowboys and even less when he’s talking Dez Bryant. The cowboys record won’t get worse without Dez. Not saying it will get better but trust me, he’s not winning them any games.

  10. “You don’t find No. 1 receivers hanging off trees like leaves,” Bad analogy….. if ole’ Jerry J said that it would be bad….

  11. Irv loves Dez like his son, what else is he going to say. I’m not anti Dez but I am realistic and have no emotional attachment when I say the WR group is the most overrated and overpaid aspect of this Cowboys team and Dez is part and parcel of that problem.

  12. Dez is expensive and he underperformed big time. If one is pragmatic, it seems the time has come to find another #1 receiver. I know that Jerry loves him like a son, but he eventually accepts reality.

  13. bigd93 says:
    January 29, 2018 at 10:14 pm
    Dak needs to work on his passing.
    Dez has not been the same since Romo not throwing to him.


    Funny how Dak and Dez tore things up in the last 8 games of Dak’s rookie season, but now everyone talks about the connection is missing or it’s all Dak’s fault. Utter rubbish.

    Dez has had a run of bad luck with injuries, and it’s affected his performance. If he can get, and stay, healthy then who knows what might happen. But Dak has been affected by poor pass protection and a lack of any receiver that’s able to get open.

  14. Getting a performance based contract with Dak throwing you the ball is just asking for a pay cut. Dez has had bad luck with injuries but can we please stop acting like this is all on him. Dak is not a top tier passer. You have to be able to throw Dez the back shoulder throws on the sideline for him to be productive. He can only run so many routes so you have to be able to use him in ways that pose bigger threats. Without the back shoulder passes all Dez can run is fly routes and deep in routes and that are easily taken away.

    I agree that as a number 1 WR that is an issue. To act like Dez is the one that has changed is what I don’t understand . He’s been that way since day one. Romo was able to throw him open. Dak can’t do it. Coaching staff should have realized prior to turning the offense over to Dak. They should have been game planning to help both Dak and Dez they are true ones to blame for this.

    As much as I love our line I wish they weren’t as good so maybe just maybe the flaws in our play calling would be more apparent and things would change. It kind of reminds me of when Romo would scramble and make greats plays so Jerry didn’t think we needed a line. We were scoring points so everyone thought Garrett was a mastermind coordinator. Then Tony gets rocked and injured and we started drafting a line. Garrett then lost his play calling duties. Who has to get hurt for the next wake up call?

  15. Dax needs a nurturing environment to thrive, he’s a young guy with a ton of expectations on him. Being the qb of the Cowboys is a huge deal. Bryant doesn’t/cannot understand that. That is why Romo was so underrated, a nobody undrafted who had a heck of a career in the nfl’s biggest stage. Dark will get there but having a guy around like dez who is preoccupied with getting his is only stunting dak’s learning curve. A guy like Crabtree would be an amazing addition to the offense.

  16. just a few thoughts:

    1) Dak and Dez don’t have great chemistry. That isn’t all on Dez, but when you’re getting paid ~$13M, and you’re playing like $800K, it behooves you to start figuring out chemistry.

    2) Dak isn’t the most accurate passer, I think that’s apparent at this point. That being said, lots of balls hit Dez in the hands this year, and he dropped a lot of them. That isn’t on Dak.

    3) If Dez doesn’t agree to take a pay cut, give him the chop. E. Sanders looks like he is going to be available, and while he won’t exactly replace Dez’s production when Dez was at his best, he certainly would produce more than Dez did the last two years. Could probably get him at a significantly better deal than 12.5M /year.

    4) It isn’t going to really matter if Dez stays or goes, or whom they replace him with, unless the offense stops being so basic. RPO, Zeke off the left side, short pass over the middle to Witten, or a Jet sweep. Yawn.

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