Mike Shanahan thinks Jets offense will impress in 2018

Getty Images

The Jets aren’t sure who their quarterback will be during the 2018 season, but that’s not going to stop Mike Shanahan from offering sunny predictions about how the team’s offense will fare.

Shanahan’s optimism about the future is tied to his close ties to the offensive coaching staff. The Jets are expected to name Jeremy Bates, who spent three years working for Shanahan in Denver, as their offensive coordinator and Rick Dennison, a longtime Shanahan assistant, as their run game coordinator. Jets wide receivers coach Karl Dorrell spent three years working for Shanahan as well.

“We were pretty successful in both the running game and the passing game,” Shanahan told Manish Mehta the New York Daily News. “I’m sure Jeremy and Rick will incorporate some of those points. Rick Dennison is one of the brightest guys you’ll ever meet. Jeremy is the same way. I know Karl DorrelI know quite well too. So, you got three excellent coaches that I know personally. I think you guys will be very impressed with what your offense looks like this year.”

Bates called plays for the Broncos in 2008 and they finished second in the league in yards. Bates and Shanahan both moved on after that season with Shanahan saying he felt Bates “was ahead of his time” by reaching that point when he was 32 years old. The Jets will hope that early success is a sign of what’s to come, although the team will still need to ensure the right pieces are in place to execute Bates’ scheme.