Monday’s PFT PM includes a chat with Eric Kendricks

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The entire PFT operation has relocated to Minneapolis for Super Bowl week, including the PFT PM podcast, our weekday, late-afternoon look at the news and events of the NFL.

Monday’s show includes an unabridged interview with Vikings linebacker Eric Kendricks, who visited the main PFT set after Monday’s PFT Live ended.

Listen closely to Eric’s comments about the quarterback position, including his assessment of the practice performances put together by Teddy Bridgewater.

5 responses to “Monday’s PFT PM includes a chat with Eric Kendricks

  1. After the Vikings defense lead the NFL in preventing 3rd down conversions, they should have asked him how they let a 2nd string QB convert at rate double their average? Choking, poor performance or par for the course for the Vikings?

  2. “Carl Gerbschmidt says:
    You should ask him why Anthony Barr quit on his team Sunday.”

    You should ask the Packers why they’re so bad without Rodgers as their QB.

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