Tom Brady: Eagles can’t be underdogs

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Tom Brady isn’t buying what the Eagles are selling.

“You’re 13-3. You can’t be an underdog when you’re the No. 1 seed in the NFC,” the Patriots quarterback said of the Eagles’ underdog role.

In other words, Brady believes the Eagles are too good to cast themselves as underdogs.

The Eagles, though, began the season with 100-1 odds to win the Super Bowl, according to Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook. Their odds grew as long (or longer) when Carson Wentz went down for the season in Week 14.

The Falcons were favored over Philadelphia in the divisional round and the Vikings were favorites in the NFC title game. The Patriots are favored in the Super Bowl.

“It puts a big chip on your shoulder,” Eagles defensive tackle Fletcher Cox said. “I think the main thing is when people doubt you in anything in life, it makes you want it more. Every time we go out and get doubted, it brings this team closer and makes us want that much more, man. We’ve been through so much, losing players to injuries and things happening. I think things like this just drives us to put this huge chip on our shoulder.

“We look at it. We hear it. But our goal wasn’t just to make it to the Super Bowl. Our goal is to win it.”

The Eagles cast themselves as Rocky to the Patriots’ Apollo Creed.

Picture Sylvester Stallone in a dog mask.

“The whole underdog thing is true,” Eagles right tackle Lane Johnson said. “We’re going against a guy who is trying to get six rings. They’re already a dynasty, and they’re talked more than any other team other than probably the Cowboys. . . . We respect them. We know what they’re about. It’s all about us.”

The dog masks have made the trip, and Johnson vows to wear one again if the Eagles win.

“With beer going down the dog mask,” he said.

Johnson made a promise to Eagles fans in August that he would buy a beer for “everybody” if Philadelphia wins the Super Bowl.

23 responses to “Tom Brady: Eagles can’t be underdogs

  1. He is exactly right. They are 13-3, and from one of the largest populated cities, including their surrounding areas. I am not buying their underdog narrative one bit.

  2. Making such a big deal of proclaiming yourselves “dogs” is ridiculous when the other team is favored by less than 7. It’s not like no one is giving them a chance.

  3. TERRIBEY-Like the article said, before the season started they had 100/1 odds to win the super bowl. When wentz went down everyone counted them out. And they’ve been the underdog in every playoff game this post season, even though they played the first 2 at home. Nobody is asking you to buy into it. I’m sure it’s more about the eagles players mindset and what they’re using to drive them even more.

  4. Why is this so difficult for Brady (and others) to understand? The Eagles were completely written-off when they lost their starting QB and are the only #1 seed in NFL history not to be favored in both of their playoff games. That’s UNDERDOGS, folks – whether you like it or not. Oh, and they’re not favored in this game, either. UNDERDOGS! Deal with it.

  5. It doesn’t really matter whether or not [insert arbitrary PFT username here] considers them underdogs. They were 11-2 before losing the potential MVP at QB and everyone said it was an injury they couldn’t overcome. Next thing you know – Vegas pins them as underdogs at home in back-to-back weeks, the Vikings forget to show up for the NFC Championship, one thing leads to another and suddenly Nick Foles has more Super Bowl appearances than the great Tony Romo

  6. If the Eagles players and fans want to rally round the underdog tag that’s up to them. However what they need to realise is it’s not a personal slight. The bookmakers draw up the odds in order to make a profit and that’s something they get right a lot more than they get wrong.

  7. Well they do have a statue of a made up boxer that was an underdog in the movies.Meanwhile Brockton Mass has a statue of a real life boxer that was a champion.
    Whatever makes your boat float I guess…now catch that chicken.

  8. That they were picked to lose both of their home games in the playoffs, and now no one’s giving them a chance to win the SB, I’d say that make them underdogs.

    The underdog mantra is usually Brady’s thing. Now he feels like he doesn’t have that outstanding moti.

  9. Terri Bey says:
    January 29, 2018 at 11:27 pm
    He is exactly right. They are 13-3, and from one of the largest populated cities, including their surrounding areas. I am not buying their underdog narrative one bit.


    Ignoring the Eagles record, what the hell does market size have to do with anything? If the Bears or Texans somehow magically made it to the Super Bowl, nobody would have any problem calling them an underdog, and they’re both larger markets than Philly. Comments like this are why people hate Pats fans.

  10. Really? Some of you are crying about the Eagles using the underdog role? Why wouldn’t they? What team wouldn’t when they are the number 1 seed and underdogs throughout the playoffs? It is “us against the world”. Think the Eagles are the first team to use that as motivation? Not like we haven’t seen the Patriots use these type of things as motivation. Personally I think the underdog narrative and the way this team has embraced it throughout the playoffs has been fun to watch. They have embraced it, owned it, turned it into motivation. There is no better way to play it.

  11. As long as we are talking about Rocky, then it’s cool that the Patriots are Apollo. Apollo won. The beauty of that movie was that Rocky literally gave it his all. Sometimes that is still not enough to win. Giving it 100% is what champions are made of. Rocky was a terrific movie when I was a kid. It’s even better to watch as an adult.

  12. Sorry… but this makes zero sense… The Eagles season was deemed DONE when the potential MVP, Carson Wentz, went down with a torn ACL. Everyone laughed at the fact that the Eagles were now being led by Nick Foles. Go back to the articles on this very site for evidence.

    Because the team, with Carson running the offense … the starting QB, had set the table to be the 1 seed in the conference prior to going down late in the season… can’t be ignored. They were picked to lose both the Divisional round and the Conference Championship AT HOME!!!! They are now playing in the Super Bowl and again their opponent, the Walk on Water Patriots, is favored. They are the definition of UNDER DOGS!

  13. By the way…

    Super Bowl XXXIX Eagles VS Patriots in Jacksonville = Rocky
    Super Bowl LII Eagles VS Patriots in Minneapolis = Rocky II

  14. People need to realize that the betting odds are not a valid predictor of who will actually win a game. It is only a valid indicator of who will bet on each of the teams to win. Since the vast majority of betters pick based on emotions, the size of the team’s market absolutely comes into play in determining those odds.

  15. I get what Brady is trying to say. It’s a team game and all and the patriots (especially TB and BB do a great job of overhyping their opponent) but cmon man. Yeah eagles were 13-3 and the #1 seed but this isn’t the qb that did 90% of the work. To say the eagles aren’t underdogs is b.s. They’ve earned every inch of what they gotten without their MVP candidate QB. They didn’t have to play TEN or JAC to play in he Super Bowl.

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