Nick Foles considered retirement before regaining his love of the game in Kansas City

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His year in St. Louis sapped the love of the game from Nick Foles. He was done.

“In my heart at that time, I was probably going to step away from the game,” Foles said Tuesday. “But I also knew that being in that situation that I had to take a few days just to let all of the emotions settle.”

Foles had just turned 27 and was only two years removed from a Pro Bowl season when he threw 27 touchdowns and only two interceptions. Yet, his football future was in doubt.

“It had nothing to do with starting,” Foles said. “I really had to go with my heart in that situation. Getting the opportunity to step away, I went on a fly fishing/camping trip with my brother-in-law, Ryan, and coming back and just asking my wife Tori about it, I still didn’t have a clear decision about what I wanted to do.

“But that’s when I really prayed and really asked God for guidance. There wasn’t a sure path. I really just took a step on faith. I knew that I’d have more growth as a person going back to the game.”

Foles worked out his release with the Rams, rejoined Andy Reid in Kansas City for a season and regained his joy. His career now has come full circle, back to where it started, and he has the Eagles within one game of their first Super Bowl title.