Report: Browns tried to trade for Alex Smith

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The Browns missed on another quarterback.

Cleveland attempted to trade for Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith, according to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. The Chiefs instead are sending the quarterback to Washington.

Smith, a three-time Pro Bowler, made sense for new Browns General Manager John Dorsey. Dorsey traded for Smith when he became G.M. of the Chiefs in 2013.

The Chiefs, though, may have wanted to get Smith out of the AFC and away from Dorsey.

Smith scoffed at a possible deal to Cleveland during an appearance on the Dan Patrick Show earlier Tuesday.

“I haven’t even thought about that,” Smith said. “They’ve got nowhere to go but up. 1-31 over the last two years just sounds amazing.”

It now makes sense since he knew he likely was headed to Washington rather than Cleveland.

The good news for the Browns, if they are so inclined, is Kirk Cousins will hit the open market in March.

31 responses to “Report: Browns tried to trade for Alex Smith

  1. Washington could win the in the next few years. Whereas by the time Cleveland’s ready he’s 37 and useless to them. Probably better for both parties.

  2. Would LOVE for the Browns to get Cousins, but I can’t imagine his reaction would be any different from Smith’s.

    Why would a quality FA quarterback want to come to a team that hasn’t gone to a championship for >50 years? They’ll need to get their QB through the draft.

  3. Glad that Cousins will finally escape that poorly run team in Washington. Now let the speculation begin on where and how much he’ll sign for outside the shadow of the cap!

  4. Alex Smith > Kirk Cousins.
    Baker Mayfield > Kirk Cousins.

    Cleveland, Just Do It! — take the plunge, and draft Mayfield at No.4 — or you’ll be sorry

  5. Alex Smith is essentially Kirk Cousins and will post high completion numbers while checking down. He’s at least cheaper than Cousins so the Redskins win on that front.

  6. If you think the Chiefs were worried about going head to head with Alex Smith, you’re an idiot.

  7. As a Bengals fan I wanted in on the Smith “Lottery”, but I’d be more then happy for the second place Kirk Cousins prize. Although none of this will ever happen do to Lewis and Brown not wanting to disrupt their future salary cap and going against their none quantity at qb.

  8. So John Dorsey’s first act as the new Cleveland GM was to wiff on a trade for a QB. I mean Sashi Brown was a pro at that watching Jimmy G go to the 49ers and whatever you call the McCarron deal.

    On the Bright side Browns Jr GM Joe Thomas might get his wish for Cousins. Hue must feel great about taking that Cleveland job and passing on interviewing with the Giants two years ago.

  9. Sounds like they didn’t trade smith to Cleveland as a favor to smith more than anything, like BB did with Jimmy.

    Makes it interesting as I thought smith would possibly end up in buffalo

  10. Considering their draft position it is hard to understand why the Browns would have interest in either Smith or Cousins. They missed the boat on Jimmy G–do not pass up a franchise QB in the draft.

  11. I’m stationed in Japan and I managed to watch a few Browns games (you take what AFN gives you and you like it!) and Kizer was wretched. There were three games I saw that they could’ve won but that dude threw a red zone interception or magically fumbled the ball. Sometimes he just stunk flat out. I bet if they had a QB who didn’t do that, they might’ve won 6 games just looking at the stats. A quality quarterback might make them interesting, especially with their decent defense. Smith or Cousins, the 1 and 4 pick, Haley as the O-coordinator, I would bet a little of my meager paycheck on them for 5 wins.

  12. Unfortunately to get a true quality QB (at lest by Free Agency) the Browns will have to over pay. Example– Top Tier QB A can play for a team with a history of winning and competing for a contract of 5 years $100mm or go to the Browns for the same contract…easy choice. Then what premium will it take for the guy to go to the Browns?

  13. jbaxt says:
    January 30, 2018 at 10:33 pm
    Washington could win the in the next few years. Whereas by the time Cleveland’s ready he’s 37 and useless to them.


    Not sure that’s the point — Redskins are likely interested in an Alex Smith for different reasons than the Browns were.

    Browns obviously weren’t looking at Smith as their next franchise QB to win now. Instead, he’d have been a great option to start 3-4 years to allow time for whoever they target as their next franchise QB in the draft to develop. After 3-4 years, ideal scenario is that a guy like Smith serves more in a mentor capacity for whoever that next franchise QB would be, though not sure if he’d have been willing to take on that kind of gig.

  14. jojopuppyfish says:
    January 31, 2018 at 7:16 am
    If I’m the browns I give Kirk a 100 million contract. Enough with developing qbs.
    Yes I would overpay

    He’s right. Until our Browns start winning, you’ll have to overpay anyone to convince them to make the Browns a career path choice. 1-31 is a terrible number to recruit with.

  15. good old classy andy. stuck it to dorsey for the second time in three or four months. but don’t worry andy, what goes around comes around.

    and then you screw up the time management…. again. but hey, you only lost by three points…

  16. With their draft picks and a decent experienced QB, Cleveland could be 8-8 in 2018. Alas…

    Remember, in 2010, Hue Jackson, then Raiders HC, traded a first and second and a future 1st for Carson Palmer. I guess he doesn’t have the mojo in Cleveland to pull that off, even when Smith went for so little.

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