Report: Colts hire Dave DeGuglielmo as offensive line coach

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The Colts don’t have a head coach yet — wink, wink, nod, nod — but they have hired another assistant coach.

Offensive line coach Dave DeGuglielmo will join Josh McDaniel’s staff in Indianapolis, Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports. The Colts are waiting for the Super Bowl to end to announce the Patriots offensive coordinator as their new head coach.

The Dolphins did not retain DeGuglielmo, who joined Miami’s staff in October as a replacement for Chris Foerster. DeGuglielmo also interviewed with the Raiders.

DeGuglielmo got his start with the Giants as an assistant line coach and quality control coach from 2004-08. He spent three years as the offensive line coach on Tony Sparano’s staff in Miami from 2009-11 and then moved to the Jets in the same role in 2012. DeGuglielmo was with the Patriots as offensive line coach in 2014-15 and with the Chargers as assistant line coach in 2016.

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  1. He replaced Dante Scarneccia in 2014 and won a SB with the Pats, but the o-line struggled in 2015. The 2015 Broncos D made too many plays against them in the AFCCG. That allowed PEDton Manning to beat an underwhelming Panthers team in the 2015 SB. Scar is back and NE is about to go back to back.

    The Colts’ o-line needs guys who can be coached up. Not sure if Indy has the personnel capable of protecting Jacoby Bresset next season…

  2. Wow might as well give up any hope of keeping Luck on his feet an healthy, if he ever returns to play for that matter.

  3. Why is the media making it seem like they discovered some secret? Everybody knows what is going on, big deal. NE and Phil coaches have to wait until AFTER the Superbowl to sign with another team. The coaches involved don’t seem to have a problem with it. The media just keeps asking them stupid questions.

  4. Probably not a great hire. The guy was a stiff when he was in NE. He inherited a well coached unit from Scarnecchia and turned them into turnstiles who waved at the defense while it ran by them. Luck and Brissett are both going to get their bells rung if this guy is coaching the O line

  5. He is not Scarnecchia but he would not have been hired if McDaniels and BB did not consider him capable.

    Just because BB let him go for a better coach does not mean he is not respected. There are a dozen or more respected Head Coaches in the NFL right now who would be fired tomorrow if BB was willing to take the job.

  6. People don’t know enough about DDG and he’s judged by the Pats-Broncos game disaster, which is too bad. First, he played the position, works hard, and he’s strong as an ox and can command that respect from the guys in front of him. He was O-line coach for the Giants for four years (including Super Bowl XLII against the Pats, so he had a ring before he even got to NE), and his guys were first in the NFL in rushing yards the next year. He ran afoul of BB because of the Broncos game and BB convinced Scar to come back. First thing Scar did was stop the rotation of linemen throughout the game and from game to game, the front five did nearly every single snap together last season and playoffs, and you know the rest. But that stability was a luxury, because part of DDG’s issue with the Pats was the O-line was decimated by injuries, Vollmer way past it and on his way out, and Cannon was a raw talent who had not yet been developed.

    So, two things stand out — he thought linemen should be kept fresh by rotation and it was he had not in his career shown that he could take raw overlooked talent and develop it — and that is at the heart of the Patriots’philosophy of surviving the NFL’s parity protocols from year to year. Scar can develop talent, witness how he made Cannon a pro-bowler, justifying both his selection of him in the draft and BB’s extending his contract.

    So my sense of it is that JMD watched Scar carefully these last two seasons, and his relationship with DDG is such that he can actually work with him and develop him into developing talent like the Patriots. Over his seven seasons and a boatload of bad lessons, including his awful gameplan against the Giants (twice), JMD got a blueprint for how you build a CULTURE and system where young talent is patiently developed until/unless they prove they just aren’t up to it. He sees enough in DDG to build on it. It’s not a casual fill the slot with a journeyman guy who’s been everywhere.

  7. Its only a matter of time before they bring the Deflator on board. Everyone knows Luck was using deflated balls during the AFCCG and has struggled in the games he played with regulation balls.

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