Report: Redskins, Alex Smith agree to four-year extension

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Alex Smith is getting the long-term contract extension in Washington that Kirk Cousins never did.

According to Adam Schefter of, the Redskins have an agreement in place with Smith on a four-year contract extension that will run through the 2022 season. Smith will be 34 years old when the 2018 season begins in September. The deal is worth $94 million with $71 million in guarantees, per Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network. However, it’s unlikely all of that money is fully guaranteed.

Though the trade cannot become official until the start of the league year in March, the former Kansas City Chiefs quarterback was dealt to Washington in an agreement reached Tuesday night. The Chiefs will receive a third-round pick and a currently unnamed player from Washington exchange for Smith, per multiple reports.

Cousins had played under the franchise tag in each of the last two seasons for Washington. The acquisition of Smith guarantees that Cousins will hit the free agent market in March.

30 responses to “Report: Redskins, Alex Smith agree to four-year extension

  1. The Redskins did not get better, but they saved money, so call it a win. I’m excited to see where Cousins ends up. But also surprised that both teams agreed to terms on the trade with 6 weeks of potential bidding still in front of them. The Chiefs are sure no one is going to outbid the Redskins?

  2. I wish him well.

    Cousins, you milked the market for all it was worth. Good for you. Now let’s see what you’ve got.

  3. The Redskins are a catastrophe.

    I like Alex Smith, but they just paid “save the franchise” money to a game manager who needs talent around him to succeed. Thank God I’m not a Washington fan.

  4. Bye Bye Kurt Cousins. He was never going to win and if he goes to the AFC, he will get so exposed vs the elite defenses. He is a scared punk. I’m ashamed we gave up on a winnner like RGIII for him.

    Alex Smith is superior to him. The Redskins win, win, win the trade.

  5. They saved money. Too bad they didn’t “save money” two years ago by offering Cousins an expensive (but by now reasonable) deal and avoiding all the tag issues.

    Continuity in QB, leadership, and working as a team has value… just like the stability of a coaching staff. I guess as long as they aren’t looking to win anyway, they might as well sign a QB that is old enough to not be a long-term answer.

    We can see how badly they screw up their next drafted QB in a couple years!

  6. red says:
    January 30, 2018 at 10:21 pm
    Skins… Welcome to another 4 years of one and done in the playoffs

    You really think they are good enough to be one-n-done??

  7. Im not sour on the signing, but think the Skins are paying too much. Smith is good, but at his age, is he worth this money? Why not draft that kid from Richmond everyone thinks the Pats may go for, Kyle Lauletta?

  8. I had no idea the Redskins front office was the worst/dumbest in the league. Now I know, without a doubt.

  9. What a bargain…what was the average salary cap hit of the final 4 QBs…?

    they paid Alex Smith and still have some left over to pay others…which won’t be the case in places like Detroit and Baltimore…soon Green Bay and Atlanta…

  10. Cleveland’s actually a better situation than Washington. They’re 0-16
    Because they’re starting QB was a charity giving opposing teams the game with interceptions.

  11. “The acquisition of Smith guarantees that Cousins will hit the free agent market in March.”

    Not so fast. Lest we forget, Dan Snyder still owns the team. They could still be insane enough to slap the transition tag on Cousins…

  12. This deal with Alex Smith is a reflection of the difficulty of trying to negotiate a long term deal with Kirk Cousins and his agent. When every proposal is placed in front of them for several years and the response is always we want more, thus forcing the Redskins to use the franchise tag for the past 2 years. Good luck is extended to the NFL teams that will now try to sign Cousins. He’s a good QB but a long way short of where he will probably get paid. Watch, if the Browns are really desperate (and they are), they will overpay big time to get Cousins.

  13. I don’t see the advantage of a 34 year old Alex Smith (other than the money of course) over Cousins. I guess Smith is a cheaper bridge to the guy their going to need to draft but that is a lot to pay. If you go that route, get Tyrod Taylor and give up no picks or players.

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