Browns offered a second, but not a big contract for Alex Smith

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The Browns wanted Alex Smith.

But not as much as Washington did, at least financially.

According to Pat McManamon of, the Browns offered the Chiefs a second-round pick for Smith, but weren’t prepared to meet his contract demands.

Washington gave Smith a new four-year, $94 million deal as part of the trade. They sent Kansas City a third-round pick and cornerback Kendall Fuller for the privilege of doing so.

The Browns have three second-rounders in this year’s draft — their own (33rd), Houston’s (35th) and Philadelphia’s (either 63rd or 64th). And while one of the first two would have been enticing for the Chiefs, Fuller was enough to tip the scales.

The fact they didn’t want to extend Smith also points to the reality (or cements it) that they are going to use the first pick in the draft on a quarterback, and they didn’t want to invest so heavily in Smith just to put him on the same kind of shot clock the Chiefs did on when they picked Patrick Mahomes in the first round last year.

That probably points the Browns back toward a lesser grade of bridge quarterback to go with the inevitable pick.

25 responses to “Browns offered a second, but not a big contract for Alex Smith

  1. How does this matter? The Chiefs were willing to take a lesser pick so Smith could get a longer contract?

  2. The Browns have to dig themselves out. No other franchise is gonna give them a hand up. Why help the dumpster of American pro sports become a legit team? The Browns are where dreams go to die.

  3. “but weren’t prepared to meet his contract demands.”

    Why would KC have cared about Smith’s contract demands? Did he have a no-trade clause? I would say it was Fuller that tipped the scales towards the Redskins.

    If the Browns had offered Joe Thomas & a 2nd Rd pick, they would’ve probably got Smith.

  4. Let me get this straight, a Redskins fan is supposed to believe that this is a palatable contract after the Cousins debacle? I do not know in what reality Alex Smith is worth $23.5M per year? If they had negotiated with Cousins correctly over the past several years, they could have done a contract with him at this price. Smith is the quintessential Reskins QB, game manager extraordinaire. This will end really badly for the Skins.

  5. Very Browns thing to do. Alex Smith may not get you to a Super Bowl, but he will hold together a good team and will win far more games than anyone the Browns have had in many years. If they signed Smith to an extension they could have traded one of those top picks for another couple of firsts and then used all their picks to stack that team with talent for the next 2 years. They’d wind up competing for a wild card sooner rather than later. Now they are rolling the dice on a QB rookie, knowing they’ll be firing their coach in a year anyway and back here in 2019 picking 1 overall again if that QB rookie isn’t a stud.

    Some teams are made for a good but not great QB like Smith, and the Browns are one of those teams.

  6. The smart play for the Browns would have been to acquire Smith, and use those two top-4 picks and three second round picks on weapons. You could get three stud defenders, a receiver, and a RB out of that.

    Now they’ll spend one of those picks on a QB (50/50 flop) and surround him with fewer talented players. All to save what, cash? The Browns have like $100 million in cap room. What are they even doing, other than trying to lose again?

  7. It seems drafting a QB can be part crapshoot part development..given that the Browns have either been terribly unlucky at drafting and/or terrible at developing a QB wouldn’t it make sense to commit to a relatively known thing?

  8. You must ask yourself:

    Why is Matthew Stafford and Derek Carr earning more than Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Ben Roethlisberger, Eli Manning, Russell Wilson, and Joe Flacco — all proven Super Bowl winners?


  9. The Chiefs decided they didn’t want to punish Alex Smith by sending him to the Browns, when he had done nothing wrong. Even if the Browns had gotten him, they would have found a way to screw it up. Browns gonna Brown. #FactoryOfSadness

  10. johnthorpe – just because they have cap room doesn’t mean they should just throw money out the window. Giving up assets for a 34 year old game manager, who AT HIS ABSOLUTE PEAK could barely scrape 4000 yards and is basically guaranteed to only go down from here, and signing him to a top market value 4 year extension on top of the 1 year he already has remaining, means Paying Alex Smith until he’s 39. Uhhhhhh yeah, no thanks. If i’m a team that’s been so bad for so long, who has a surplus of assets and cap space, i’m not going all in to build my team around a middle aged dink n dunk specialist. Save that cap for all the young talent you’re drafting who will require big deals to keep around, or take that money that would have gone to Alex Smith and put it towards a younger more productive QB with a higher ceiling (like the one Washington just let walk away)

  11. The Browns will be better off trying to trade for Foles or to go after McCarron (assuming he wins free agency) or Keenum in free agency. They definitely want to draft Darnold, Mayfield or Rosen this year. Smith and Cousins are too expensive, compared to their worth.

  12. And yet all Smith did in KC was win. Help get his team into the playoffs 4 of 5 years. Not turn over the ball with pickoffs or fumbles. Lead the offense and together with a few other guys – be a team leader/captain. The kind of guy any smart coach would want to place his offense in the hands of. Captain checkdown throws catchable 35-45 yard passes (did you watch the pro bowl by any chance this year?) and in KC, no matter what other so-called Chiefs fans have been typing the last two years… Alex has his fans and witnessed what he can do with the football and quality receivers. He reads defenses better than any other QB not named Brady, Rogers or Brees and still, it’s not enough. Washington finally has a franchise QB. Do they have any pieces to fit in around him for the next few years? KC has Mahomes and all the offensive pieces in place to help him exceed. Defense & and D-coordination is what is holding KC back at this point.

  13. I haven’t seen this mentioned but I think it seems obvious. The amount a team would trade for Alex Smith was directly related to the contract. Not because the chiefs cared, but because the browns weren’t giving up anything valuable for a one year rental. The skins were able to give more (a top tier cb plus a draft pick) because it was more than a rental. If the browns were willing to pay him they would also have had to have a better offer to the chiefs.

  14. Im thinking the Browns are ready to break the bank for Cousins. Then, no need to draft a 1st round QB. 2 of the top 4 picks and 3 in the 2nd. Dorsey could be up for GM of the year.

  15. Nobody knows Alex better than Dorsey, and even he knew not to sign an old noodle armed coward to an extension. Apparently no one in DC was that intelligent.

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