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Browns offered a second, but not a big contract for Alex Smith

The Browns wanted Alex Smith.

But not as much as Washington did, at least financially.

According to Pat McManamon of, the Browns offered the Chiefs a second-round pick for Smith, but weren’t prepared to meet his contract demands.

Washington gave Smith a new four-year, $94 million deal as part of the trade. They sent Kansas City a third-round pick and cornerback Kendall Fuller for the privilege of doing so.

The Browns have three second-rounders in this year’s draft — their own (33rd), Houston’s (35th) and Philadelphia’s (either 63rd or 64th). And while one of the first two would have been enticing for the Chiefs, Fuller was enough to tip the scales.

The fact they didn’t want to extend Smith also points to the reality (or cements it) that they are going to use the first pick in the draft on a quarterback, and they didn’t want to invest so heavily in Smith just to put him on the same kind of shot clock the Chiefs did on when they picked Patrick Mahomes in the first round last year.

That probably points the Browns back toward a lesser grade of bridge quarterback to go with the inevitable pick.