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D.J. Swearinger is not happy with the Kendall Fuller trade

Washington might have solved a long-standing problem by finding a quarterback to commit to them for more than one year.

But they’ve also created another one, weakening their secondary and apparently angering teammates by sending cornerback Kendall Fuller to Kansas City along with a third-round pick for quarterback Alex Smith.

After registering his initial displeasure last night, Safety D.J. Swearinger came back this morning and started a little Twitter rant with a barnyard epithet for the deal, and then openly criticized dealing Fuller away.

“People say they wanna win right but you throw away your best defender!?!?,” Swearinger wrote. “Somebody you can set a standard with?!?! #Defense will win championships!!”

He needed more than 280 characters, so he continued: “And We Took a Major Step down from the best slot corner In The Game!! No disrespect to nobody on my squad or coming to my squad but we basically took a step backwards by giving away @KeFu11er who graded 90 overall which is Elite and hard too do!!! Smh

Fuller excelled as an inside defender, but any General Manager given a choice between a qualified nickel or a qualified quarterback is going to pick the quarterback every time. Swearinger obviously doesn’t see it that way.