DeAngelo Williams still hates Dave Gettleman


DeAngelo Williams isn’t a large man, and he’s been carrying around this grudge for a long time.

So when someone finally asked the longtime Panthers running back about an old boss he didn’t like, he decided to unload it all at once.

Williams made it clear in an interview with WFAN that he wasn’t a fan of new Giants General Manager Dave Gettleman, the guy who cut him in Carolina after the 2014 season.

He’s your problem now,” Williams said, via the New York Daily News. “That’s exactly what I’d tell them. For the vet players that are there now, be very cautious. Once he gets his guys in there, then he develops that relationship with them, and not developing a relationship with the guys that are already there because he doesn’t know them.”

Gettleman came to Charlotte with a mandate to clean up the books, and when Williams got on the wrong side of the age/value curve, he was gone. The situation with wide receiver Steve Smith (he was cut to relieve a mental burden from Cam Newton rather than a financial one), but it lacked a certain grace also.

“When you’re down in that locker room you are family . . . If I’m friends with you or I’m a family member of yours, when I call you into the office to release you, I handle it in a family member type way,” Williams said. “Like, ‘Hey, we really appreciate everything you’ve done for this organization, really loved everything you’re doing,’ it’s more like breaking up with your girlfriend, ‘it’s not you, it’s me.’ Whatever excuses you give.

“When you come into an office somebody handling business, ‘Hey man, you’re gone.’ Like, wait, what? . . . Nine years. I been here for nine years, I played through injuries . . . I give everything you possibly can for an organization and the way they let you go is ‘Hey man, you’re out of here.’ They let Steve (Smith) go through a text message.”

Williams has been griping about this for years, and referred to Gettleman as a snake on Twitter, establishing a middle school level of discourse. Smith’s gone on to live his life, somehow.

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  1. Hating the guy for doing his job, big deal, this happens all the time…

    He gets paid for making tough decisions…I guess these players need a hug on the way out the door….

  2. What a cry baby. This is a business and it’s a meritocracy. You don’t perform–you go away. Everyone knows this and for this guy to be whining about the business side of things clearly shows his immaturity.
    Get over it big boy. Gettleman worked for the team. His wasn’t your Daddy. He doesn’t need to hold your hand and take you to a therapist.

  3. The players are the ones who say “it’s a business 1st” all the time. What did he want? A teddy bear and a going away party?

  4. “When you’re down in that locker room you are family” Correction – you are coworkers and this is a business, despite what the coaches say in order to wring every last ounce of performance out of you.

  5. “Williams has been griping about this for years, and referred to Gettleman as a snake on Twitter, establishing a middle school level of discourse. ”
    Wow, despite your editorial, Williams is correct o all points. Remember, stating facts does not have an expiration date. If you’re convinced Williams is wrong & petty, interview former players or even some present ones and you’ll find that 99% of those guys, feel the same way about Gettleman. He’s a snake. Giants players will learn that very quickly.

  6. Poor baby….. guess he needed a hug as he was being shown the door…, bosses can be soooo insensitive!!!

  7. It’s possible gettleman is a snake. And DeAngelo was too old to justify his salary with Stewart there. And that Steve Smith may have problems with teammates.

  8. funny this guy is complaining about lack of respect….

    saw d williams on nflnetwork the few weeks ago. he acted the bully, punked the hosts for not playing pro ball, then punked nate burleson because he wasn’t a first round pick and only played at nevada.

    made himself such an pain in the tush that they told him he was done and didn’t even finish the segment.

    so i guess respect is a one way street somewhere in williams’ neighborhood.

  9. He should be thanking him…without Gettleman, Williams would have never realized his true potential as a pro wrestler. Look at how petty he has become in the headlines – that’s true talent.

  10. I love all the tough guys here telling Williams to toughen up, get over it, and its a business. Meanwhile they would be outraged and calling a lawyer if they got let go from their post office jobs in the same way. People want to be appreciated and that doesn’t change because you put on shoulder pads and cash a big check.

  11. I love it. Williams is whining that Gettleman didn’t kiss him goodbye when he told him he was cut. Well, I say get over it.
    How many players who have left a team by free agency have we seen trash their former team or their GM, coaches or players? Players are the first to tell us that “it’s a business, strictly a business”. So Gettleman owed the Panthers players nothing more than to treat them like business associates.
    What Williams is trying to say is he wanted to be respected, I guess. What I’d say to Williams is tell that to all your fellow NFL players who disrespected our National Anthem and our flag! That was an insult to all Americans who love this country and try to live up to the standards that flag represents.
    I’ve been an NFL fan for 57 years. I long ago stopped caring about any of the players beyond what they produce on the field. They are nothing more to me than parts of an engine. When they wear out or don’t perform up to the standards they should, throw them on the scrap heap and get another one. The only thing which matters is the uniform and the team. That’s what I root for, not the individual players. Players come and go, but the uniform and team are the constants. Besides, how much did the players care when the owners charged fans for seat licenses? Did the players give a damn about the fans? When the officials were locked out by the owners, did the players care about them? Did they refuse to cross their picket line? of course not, because the players only care about themselves.
    Dave Gettleman is precisely the kind of GM the NY Giants need. He has a history with that organization and is a no-nonsense guy. And the fact is, he did a good job with Carolina. He’ll weed out the bad guys on the Giants. Just like he did with Carolina.

  12. .
    The NFL isn’t always 6 year/ 95 million dollar contracts. At times it’s very cold and impersonal.

  13. bbk1000 says:
    January 31, 2018 at 6:57 am
    Hating the guy for doing his job, big deal, this happens all the time…

    He gets paid for making tough decisions…I guess these players need a hug on the way out the door….

    Hating him for HOW he comported himself WHILE doing his job, you mean.

    Everyone involved understands the business of football. There is a way to conduct yourself.

    How you people even finished fifth grade without understanding what Williams was conveying here is an indictment of the highest order regarding the failures of the American Education System.

  14. I get tired of these responses from players. “I gave everything to this team”. “I played through injury”. Etc. like it was charity. You didn’t do it out of the goodness of your heart DW. You did it to win. You did it to win rings. And most of all, you did it to get PAID. And I’m pretty sure if another team backed up the brinks truck, you would have rolled out without even saying good bye… both sides, players/agents and teams/GMs operate exactly the same. Only I dont hear teams whining and crying that Player A left in free agency…

  15. Williams and Smith were fan favorites. They were faces of the franchise. There were good reasons to let them go but a smart boss thinks about the impacts of their decisions and does what he/she can to minimize them.
    Gettleman should have realized that when letting go of these 2 guys in the manner he did he was not only being callous and rude to the players but also isolating fans. There is a right way and a wrong way to do your job. You can still get the job done but the consequences are drastically different. Gettleman should know that first hand. This is the reason he is no longer the GM of the Panthers.

  16. DeAngelo should consider who signed Gettleman’s check? Williams should also consider who signs his check. And yet he has nothing to say about the owner. Would it be better to just rip the band-aid off and be done with it or do you really need a false front like the Rooney Rule when everyone in the room knows you’re not in the plans?

  17. It’s not personal, it’s business. It’s a good thing texting wasn’t around when Al Davis and Bill Walsh were handling personnel! Walsh would have no doubt text-released Montana and Lott. Davis probably would have used a peace Out emoji on Marcus Allen

  18. Williams is exactly right. All he asked for is a little dignity and respect and appreciation. These guys take the bullets not the GM. I knew this GM had ISSUES, the way he rudely let Josh Norman go by rescinding the tag and ignoring his pleas to allow him to sign it-Which significantly affected the defense that year early on messing up with the chemistry, which rightly led to his FIRING in Carolina!!! If a GM is paid all that money and doesnt understand that when your team makes it that far to the SB and play at the level that team was in 2015 -YOU MOVE HEAVEN AND EARTH TO KEEP ALL KEY PLAYERS IN PLACE, and add a few key free agents to get them over the tiny hump. Thats how you avoid a SB slump. And gentleman showed how full of himself he was with that stupid emotional move.

    And yes, it is just a sign of your character (you are self centered) to NOT treat your departing veterans with dignity. Period.

  19. Since when did Meangelo Williams not open his mouth when he wasn’t whining about something. I think this sentence sums up Williams the best…

    Williams has been griping about this for years, and referred to Gettleman as a snake on Twitter, establishing a middle school level of discourse.

    You’d think a guy who is now in his thirties would have some level of maturity. Unfortunately, some of the NFL guys still think they can act like children even after their playing career. This story reflects more on Williams than it does Gettleman. Sure, Gettleman had to make some tough choices but that’s his job. Players always says “it’s business” when they leave for more money but when they get cut they complain about the “business” aspect for the team. Sorry, his whining makes him sound like petulant child.

  20. There is a level of appreciation and respect that should have been communicated to the vets he cut and being coy w Davis and Olsens negotiations for extensions continued his poor management skills. There was no polish to Gettleman in his first run as GM. He was a scout in a GMs role. Maybe he’ll be better the second time around but JR fired him when the messes kept piling up. Why that’s not enough for Williams now makes no sense to me.

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