Deshaun Watson thinks hit against Seahawks loosened up his ACL


Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson saw his season come to an end when he tore his ACL during a practice in November, but he thinks the damage may have started during the previous game.

Watson took a shot to the knee from Seahawks defensive end Frank Clark during Houston’s 41-38 loss on October 29 and said during a Wednesday visit to PFT Live that he thinks that hit might have set things in motion.

“It just didn’t really click because I tore my left one before and when I tore that one I knew right when I did it,” Watson said. “With my right one, I didn’t know at all. I kinda went back and watched the Seattle game again and I seen the hit that I got rolled up on. And I kinda had a feeling [that loosened it up].”

Watson said that having gone through an ACL rehab in the past has been “very helpful” to his approach this time around. He has not started jogging yet, but feels “on track” for a full return in 2018.

8 responses to “Deshaun Watson thinks hit against Seahawks loosened up his ACL

  1. Kid has star potential, but 2 blown ACLs already & those skinny legs on a dual threat QB have to be worrisome if you’re the Texans ..shades of RG-knee

  2. Pats fan here. Hope he comes back at full strength. The biggest problem with the league is shoddy QB play. The NFL needs all the quality QB’s it can get.

  3. Frank Clark took a really nasty hit on Brian Hoyer long after an offsides play was blown dead by Seahawk’s fan, Bill Vinovich. No penalty much like the late hit that broke Pierre Garcon’s neck in the Eagles game. Much like the unpenalized out of bounds hit Marquis Goodwin took in front of Clete Blakeman. Thanks for protecting the players on the field, zebras.

  4. As many had speculated. Makes a lot more sense than simply falling down at practice. And the play occurred deep in the backfield, after throwing a pass. He wasn’t even moving. Texans really need to address the O-line so he isn’t ruined.

  5. He’s exciting to watch, but he could well wind up with blown knees if he doesn’t learn to protect himself.
    He can already read defenses better than Griffin ever could, so I think he’s got a future as a pocket passer if need be. Of course, the Texans do need to find O lineman that understand the “pocket” concept.

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