Doug Pederson, Nick Foles happy for Alex Smith

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Doug Pederson coached Alex Smith for three years in Kansas City. Nick Foles backed up Smith in 2016 with the Chiefs.

They were as surprised as anybody to hear the news of the trade that will send Smith to Washington.

“I just hate that we’ve got to play him twice a year,” Pederson said Wednesday. “I’m happy for Alex. I had to chance to work with him for three years obviously. I’m excited and happy for him. I think it’s a great honor for him and the Redskins, and he’s going to do fine. He’s a pro’s pro. He’s going to come in and he’s going demand perfection with the guys he’s working with, and I’m excited to again have him in our division and to be able to coach against him again.”

Foles regained his love of football in Kansas City with Andy Reid and Smith last season. He expects the Eagles and the rest of the NFC East to have their hands full against a “great quarterback.”

“Washington is very fortunate to have a quarterback in Alex Smith,” Foles said. “My year with him was one of my favorite years in football. It was being there in Kansas City and being able to work with him. Seeing a guy that for some reason people critique him all the time. The guy’s a winner. Look at him. Look at what he did this year. He keeps coming. He keeps getting better. I was with him. I worked with him every day. He’s one of the smartest players I’ve ever played with, one of the most athletic guys, can make plays. But most importantly, leadership in the locker room. He can turn a locker room around and guys believe in him. So Washington’s getting a great quarterback. I’m excited for him and his opportunity.

“This league is crazy. You never know what’s going to happen.”

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  1. The league isn’t that crazy just the front office of the Washington Redskins. They have traded for a QB who has been replaced on every team as he can’t take the team to the next level with his 2-5 playoff record. Replacing Cousins for him is at best a lateral move sideways.

  2. I’ve always been an Alex Smith fan. But I will never understand what the Redskins are doing. This guy is older and not much of an improvement. They had a successful guy already. If they would have paid him originally they would have saved a lot of money because he wasn’t asking for what he is now. A guy they drafted. So they jerk him around, never showing any real confidence in him, and now they have a 33 year old QB, one less third pick, and one less great young dB. It makes no sense. They could have had their guy, for less money, and the third round pick and the young DB. They could be improving talent on the team right now.

  3. Pederson seems like a great guy and a already really good coach. His offensive game planning between foles and wentz is genius.

  4. nizzeldizzel says:
    January 31, 2018 at 3:14 pm

    They had a successful guy already. If they would have paid him originally they would have saved a lot of money because he wasn’t asking for what he is now. A guy they drafted.


    You’re right on, I think. Presumably this trade was done to save money, but when you look at how much they’ve overpaid Cousins through the franchise tag and how much they’ll be paying Smith, they’ll almost certainly be spending more money than if they had just signed a deal with Cousins the first time they had a chance.

    *And*, as you rightly point out, they will lose a draft pick and solid defensive player in the bargain (playing against Wentx, Prescott & Manning twice a year, who needs CBs, right?).

    Both Smith & Cousins are good QBs. Washington just paid a steep price for the privilege of having to revisit QB again sooner in the future.

  5. They will get a 3rd rd pick back after Cousins signs with his new team, so its really just losing Fuller at this point, which i think will be a significant blow to the secondary, unless they use their first rd pick this year on a corner

  6. kevpft says:
    January 31, 2018 at 3:20 pm
    When the Chiefs miss the playoffs next year, they’ll understand that QB wasn’t their problem.


    Alex Smith’s fans said the same thing when he was benched for Kaepernick.

  7. Smith is a sold QB and seems like a great guy, but can’t see the logic on Washington’s part. He’s older, and I don’t know that he’s much of an upgrade to Cousins. Similar styles, Smith just faster on his feet. And they lost a solid CB in the deal. This smells like a biased move that came from someone who doesn’t know football…ahem, Snyder.

  8. Bottom line, the skins front office is fixing the mess they made 3 years ago with Kirk. Can’t see any team paying the money that Kirk is demanding in the open market at $29mil per year. Yes the skins lost their 3rd round, which will be made up once Kirk signs with another team for a 3rd round compensatory pick in 2019, but now they will stabilize the position for a QB who is great team leader (Kirk was not), extremely intelligent, accurate, and athletic. Kirk faltered in big games, and couldn’t even beat the Giants this year. He will throw untimely int’s, and has the propensity to fail in big games. Good trade for both teams, and as for the CB, he is a up and comer but the skins have some young kids on the roster ready to move into the slot position.

  9. Alex Smith is only trade bait for the Skins to move up in the draft. Think about it, Cleveland has the #1 overall pick and the 4th overall pick. Give one of those up for Alex Smith. Keep Cousins and pick up a D player. Brilliant!!!

  10. Alex Smith… who knew?

    2005: 1st Pick of the 2005 Draft; played nine (9) games during the 2005 season for ‘Frisco (49ers) and went 1:11 (TD:INT) with nine (9) FUM lol

    2017: 26:5 (TD:INT) with one (1) FUM — outstanding!

  11. Alex Smith is only 4 years older than Cousins. Redskins came out the best they could given Cousins wasn’t going to sign there. Instead of wasting more draft capital and moving up in this year draft for QB, they received a good QB that’s accomplished more than Cousins has.

  12. If I remember correctly, Cousins and Foles were both on the Michigan St. squad before Nick transferred to Arizona. Foles and Keenum were also teammates at LA together.

  13. Obviously the Skins should have signed Cousins two years ago, but they didn’t. I don’t get why posters here and elsewhere frame this move through the lens of “is Smith better than Cousins?”. Cousins wasn’t re-signing with Washington after all that has happened. The team made this move because Smith is better than Colt McCoy so they are cutting their losses. They will also likely average about $10 mil a year lower in cap hit with Smith than with Cousins in the coming years, and the ‘guarantees’ in NFL contract announcements are not real guarantees most of the time.

    I’m not defending the move itself, and as a ‘Skins fan I would never defend their front office, but I think if you look at this as which QB is better you’re missing the point of what they did here.

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