Eagles Super Bowl win could mean an unusual tattoo for Chris Long

Getty Images

Eagles defensive end Chris Long indicated that he’d skip a trip to the White House again this year if the Eagles win the Super Bowl, but he will have to schedule a day in the tattoo parlor.

Long signed with the Eagles as a free agent and returned to the same team as Ken Flajole, who was once his defensive coordinator with the Rams and is now Philadelphia’s linebackers coach. Flajole told him it would be great to win a Super Bowl together and Long said “I’ll put a tattoo of your face on my body” if we win.

Now that the Eagles are one of two teams with a chance to win it all, the subject has come up again.

“A lot of people were like, ‘Were you betting that you’re not going to win?’ It wasn’t really a bet,” Long said, via ESPN.com. “I was joking, and he held me to it, and he reminded me this week. It will be a good problem to have. … Yeah [he’ll hold me to it], he’s a tough dude. He’s not going to give me any slack, hopefully.”

Long said he hasn’t picked a spot, but it won’t be prominent as he is “just going to hide his ugly mug.” Flajole suggested Long could find a way around it if he “wants to barter a little bit,” but the defensive end said they’ll be worrying about winning the game before any further thoughts.