Jethro Franklin back with Ken Norton Jr. on Seahawks coaching staff

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Ken Norton Jr. will have one of his coaches from Oakland with him on the Seahawks coaching staff this year.

Norton was hired as the defensive coordinator in Seattle this month after being fired by the Raiders during the 2017 season. Jethro Franklin was his defensive line coach in Oakland and Alex Marvez of Sporting News reports that he will be the assistant defensive line coach for the Seahawks.

Franklin will replace Dwaine Board and work with defensive line coach Clint Hurtt.

Franklin played the only seven games of his NFL career with the Seahawks in 1989. He’s bounced between college and NFL jobs since moving into coaching a couple of years later and has worked with the Packers, Buccaneers and Texans in addition to his time with the Raiders.

14 responses to “Jethro Franklin back with Ken Norton Jr. on Seahawks coaching staff

  1. seahawkboymike says:
    January 31, 2018 at 11:42 am
    All we need now is a kicker who can make a 45-yard field goal.


    And an O-Line, a RB, a QB who can read defenses and follow his progressions, some discipline, and a time machine to 2013.

  2. seahawkboymike says:
    January 31, 2018 at 11:42 am

    All we need now is a kicker who can make a 45-yard field goal.


    First you need to gel with the coaches you got. Ken Norton? That’s going to be laughed at in a few years.

    And carrying over from the last few years struggles; OL, RB’s, WR’s.

    Now from this year, the Seahawks need replacements for most of the legion of boom, with the only one left unhurt threatening a holdout if there is no extension.

    Chancellor is basically done. Sherman may be done, and even if he isn’t, he’s not going to have a chance to be anywhere close to ‘normal’ until the 2019 season.

    Need a replacement for Jimmy Graham, since he’s gone.

    Bennett thinks he’s gone.

    Carroll thinks, like with Chancelor, that Avril will be tough to make a comeback.

    Not much cap space to do this, and no 2nd or 3rd round pick in 2018 and no 2nd in 2019.

    Also still need to sign Richardson and Brown to HUGE deals. 15-20 million a year a piece. That’s what top flight DL and LT go for. Oh and Brown, while still owed about 9 million, held out the first 7 weeks this season. So if a deal isn’t reached, he may hold out again.

    Yeah, you just need a kicker. Too bad you signed in the offseason right after he missed a 27 yarder to escape the ice bowl. Seahawks benefited from him sucking, then went out and signed him. So you might say you need a kicker who can kick 45 yards, but your team saw first hand that he can’t kick a 27 yarder. Can’t feel bad about a team signing that guy, and then him missing a much longer kick.

    There was also a report that the Seahawks want Wilson to run the ball more. That also mean, get hit more. If that is accurate, and it may not be, a plan that risks Wilson to injury more might be the death knell for this team.

    So let’s recap.
    Chancellor, Avril, Graham = gone
    Bennett = could be gone

    Thomas, Brown = potential holdouts
    Thomas, Brown, and Richardson = looking for new deals. BIG DEALS. Near break the bank level deals.

    Sherman = injured

    Still need RB’s, WR’s, OL. Also a kicker, TE, CB, DE (maybe 2), Safety.

    New holes are huge holes left vacant by impact players.

    No 2nd or 3rd round draft pick. Limited cap space. Bunch of big deals need to happen or two more impact players might be holding out.

  3. Jmc8888 must be a Clara fan. A 9 game losing streak to the Seahawks will really mess with your head. The recaps is, Seattle is going for a purge. Dline has some young pieces in Jones, Reed, Jordan, and Frank the Tank. I see them franchising Richardson to recoup a 2nd or 3rd rd draft pick for this season. Overall, this might be the quickest retool job in NFL history. Lots of moves coming, and Pete wants back into the playoffs next season. A dang kicker….was all we needed to get in and possible bye this season! Think about that for a second haters…

  4. First you need to gel with the coaches you got. Ken Norton? That’s going to be laughed at in a few years.

    Laughed at?

    The guy that developed Bobby Wagner, KJ Wright, Bruce Irvin, Malcom Smith……

    The Sehawks are laughing alright…… at their embarrassment of riches at the position Norton coached.

  5. I agree, Seattle needs a legitimate kicker! With all the close games they’re in, a solid kicker is a deciding factor in each game. Great hire with Franklin. Schneider needs to get his act together and create a team. Schneider has missed in the draft of OL VERY badly, and as a result the team has gotten worse. The idea of Russell running more is nuts. Anyone with eyes sees that Russell is quite a bit slower today compared to his first 3 years here. Last year he was caught by linemen, which you never saw a few years ago. I’ve no faith in the new OC pick…If I was the owner I’d say Pete, you’re on the clock.

  6. Top level programs figure out ways to adapt and improve, without spending huge dollars to do it. The best-of-the-best Patriots typically do it two ways. One, inexpensive no-name FA’s that fit their system perfectly. And two, good drafting in the mid-rounds.

    This is Pet Carroll’s opportunity to prove his system is not a one hit wonder and is sustainable at the pro level. In essence, PC and JS are now competing with the rest of the old-school NFL mainstream that says he cannot do it. They need to get the right current guys signed, have a good draft with just a few picks, and pick up one or two FA’s that will fit and have breakout seasons.

  7. I remember Franklin as a great outside pass-rusher at Fresno State back in the late 1980s. He’ll be a great addition to us as a DL coach. Norton knows this team, and he would have been Dan Quinn’s successor here had Norton, then our LB coach, not left to become the Raiders’s defensive coordinator.

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