Kendall Fuller was the last to know he was in Alex Smith trade

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The first big domino of the offseason fell on Tuesday night with the agreement of a trade sending Alex Smith to Washington and cornerback Kendall Fuller to Kansas City along with a third-round pick.

Smith has reportedly agreed to a new contract — which, like the trade, can’t become official until March 14 — so it seems likely that he was kept apprised about how things were shaping up. Fuller apparently wasn’t in the loop.

As the first reports of the trade hit the wire, Fuller went on Twitter to say that he had not been traded. About an hour later, Fuller posted a GIF of Homer Simpson retreating into hedges to note that he found out that he was in fact part of the deal.

Fuller followed that up by saying that he’s excited to go to the Chiefs. The feeling is likely mutual as the Chiefs struggled to find consistent cornerback play alongside Marcus Peters in 2017. Fuller, a 2016 third-round pick, is coming off a good year in the slot and the team will hope he and a healthy Eric Berry boost the back end of the defense next season.

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  1. Chiefs came out smelling like roses on this deal. Get a top 10, 2nd year, CB and a 3rd round pick for a guy that one way or another is gone.

    I wish Smith well but am ready for Mahommes. Good work KC!

  2. Shocked that Chiefs couldn’t get more than a #3 and a decent corner for a Top 10 QB. Drafting one is a total crapshoot, with less than 50% success rate even for first rounders. Looking at needy teams like Jets, Bills, Jags, Cards, Browns, Broncos. Then again, I was even more astonished that Pats couldn’t get more than a #2 for Jimmy G.

  3. There are five better corners than him (including at least one of his own — for now — teammates in Washington) in the NFC East alone.

    Nowhere near the two best in the league, Rhodes and Ramsey.

  4. Fuller fills a big area of need, Chiefs have had success in the 3rd, they save 17 mil and they get to move on with the plan of what was set in motion when they traded up for Mahomes. Good deal.

  5. of course fuller isnt a top 10 corner. However, he’s no slouch, and will definitely be an asset to any secondary he is in for the next 10 years.

  6. People saying he is a top 10 CB are probably factoring in his age and potential. They are also referring to PFF corner rankings where he was the number 6 corner of 2017, which Swearinger also pointed out. He has a 90 rating there, or “elite” status. Those laughing at the fact that he could be a top 10 CB are not knowledgeable or have never seen him play. I don’t think he’s currently top 10, but it’s not far fetched.

  7. isithockeyseasonyet says:

    January 31, 2018 at 9:13 am

    You think he’s a top 10 corner? Maybe if you were ranking nfc east corners


    While I agree he’s not a top 10 corner, but PFF did ranked him the 6th best cover corner(best slot corner) last season giving up a 55% passer rating when targeted.

  8. Top slot corner is what you mean. And he is good and getting better. You watch. You will eat your words. He is a player.

  9. Stay off PFF.

    Their numbers don’t quite add up most times.

    For one… they don’t know what plays are called and who’s responsibility is what.
    Once upon a time (Sept 2015) Aaron Rodgers went 24-for-35 for 333 yards, five touchdowns and no interceptions against one of the league’s best defenses (KC Chiefs). Aaron Rodgers was given a -0.8 rating from PFF.

    According to PFF, grades between +1.0 and -1.0 are “average”, so by its system, Rodgers didn’t have a bad game, but it was nothing special either.

  10. Autumn Wind says:
    January 31, 2018 at 8:19 am
    “Get a top 10, 2nd year, CB”

    Really? And you figured that out by…?


    PFF has him rated #6 CB in the league, and the top slot corner in the NFL. The pathetic Derrick Carr will hate him soon enough. But he can’t go to the other side either because of Peters. Faid fans, still the dumbest out there.

  11. randy8123 says:
    January 31, 2018 at 9:59 am
    Handled it well.
    Honestly I think he is in a better situation niw. I get it how it was a sudden shock and all. But I think as the situation plays out he will wind up being glad it happened.

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