LeGarrette Blount knows how to pick ’em

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Eagles running back LeGarrette Blount has a way of picking teams.

Oregon went 20-6 in his two seasons there, and in eight NFL seasons, his teams are 82-46 in the regular season and 9-1 in the postseason. Only his final two seasons in Tampa Bay ended with losing records.

“Obviously when I went to Oregon, we won a lot of games,” Blount said Wednesday. “My first year in Tampa we won a lot of games. I haven’t been a part of too many teams that haven’t been pretty good besides like my second and third year in Tampa. All the teams I’ve been on have been pretty good. I’m not as good at picking teams as Ezekiel Elliott, but I’m pretty good. I heard through the grapevine that he didn’t lose I don’t think any games in high school. Maybe one? I’m not sure. Obviously at Ohio State he didn’t lose many.”

Blount has had two stints in New England, winning rings in 2014 and ’16. The Patriots moved on from him twice, including this offseason when he signed with the Eagles.

“This is a business, and you can’t take anything like that personally,” Blount said. “it’s the business aspect of the game. You’ve just got to understand things like that happen.”

He feels nothing for the Patriots now, calling them the “enemy.”

“It’s another game” he said.

He and teammate Chris Long can join an elite list of players who have won consecutive Super Bowls for different teams. Deion Sanders (49ers, Cowboys) and Ken Norton Jr. (Cowboys, 49ers) accomplished the feat as did three other players who won rings with different teams in consecutive seasons but didn’t play in the Super Bowl.

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  1. I imagine when you’ve played for 1 of the league’s worst teams (Bucs), you try to find every edge you can to evaluate teams so you play for the top teams!

  2. There is no way in hell The Patriots are going to beat The Greatest Show on Turf……

    There is no way in hell The Eagles are going to beat The Patriots…….

  3. “There is no way in hell The Patriots are going to beat The Greatest Show on Turf……

    There is no way in hell The Eagles are going to beat The Patriots…….”

    Here’s the difference. The Rams believed the hype about themselves and that the Pats had no chance to win. Therefore they prepared for an opponent who “couldn’t beat them”.

    I guarantee you all the Pats have heard from Belichick and Brady is how great a team the Eagles are, and they better prepare like its the best team they faced all year because the Eagle are the best team they’ve faced all year. And that if the Pats don’t play their absolute best ball this weekend they will lose the game.

    The Rams didn’t take the Pats seriously, while the Pats are taking the Eagles very seriously.

  4. A tough tough guy. His first stint in NE he was also their main kick returner. He had a 90 yard return for a TD. Nobody wanted to get in the way of a 250 pound guy with a full head of steam.

    Wish he was still in NE.

  5. Yeah, he picks well except for when he was undrafted and picked the 49ers and backed out of it, then he picked the Titans, where he punched a teammate in one of his many incidents throughout his football life. But yeah he’s a genius for picking the Patriots. That’s a real sleeper team. Kevin Durant knows how to pick ’em too.

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