Report: Alex Guerrero, Bill Belichick high-fived after story of rift

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Tom Brady‘s longtime trainer denies a rift with Bill Belichick. Instead, Alex Guerrero said he and the Patriots head coach exchanged a high-five and laughed at ESPN’s story portraying a strained relationship, WEEI’s Kirk Minihane reports.

Guerrero said Belichick told him, “We made news today.”

Guerrero had not talked publicly about the Patriots reducing his special privileges, reportedly causing friction within the building. He did release a letter on social media earlier this month, saying he has “never tried to create divisiveness or conflict.”

Belichick and Brady repeatedly have denied any kind of rift between them, and Belichick maintains he has a “good relationship with Alex.”

Minihane bumped into Guerrero in the Mall of America, and the trainer said he and Belichick have “no issues at all.”

Guerrero also told Minihane he never locked Jimmy Garoppolo out of the TB12 facility.

16 responses to “Report: Alex Guerrero, Bill Belichick high-fived after story of rift

  1. wickerSHAM has been absolutely (and rightfully) demolished from day 1 for that ridiculous hit piece he and BSPN tried to pass off as real journalism

    BSPN journalistic integrity

  2. So are we saying it just might be possible that Seth Wickersham’s article, based on supposed comments from “Patriots staffers,” and “executives,” might have been just a tiny bit embellished? GET OUT OF TOWN!!!

    Funny how all of these trusted sources were spilling their guts about half-day meetings with Kraft, Jimmy G. getting locked out, etc., yet nobody in the media was even able to find ONE “Patriots staffer” or “executive” who would confirm the full nature of Brady’s hand injury, number of stitches, etc (I think everything from 4 to 12 was reported).

    Weird how that works.

  3. So, the worldwide joke of sportscasting lied about the Pats, shortly before the Super Bowl, as usual.


  4. I love the game of football. Like ESPN when it very first started broadcasting. Now? Haven’t read, watched or listened to anything from ESPN. They employ people that are either network cast offs or people no other outlet wants. I’m surprised they are still around to be honest. If they weren’t connected to Disney they would be extinct

  5. Long time Patriots fan here — after watching all these Tom vs Time documentaries I actualyl DO think locking JG out of the TB12 center is something Tom would do. Also being “Unhelpful” As Wickersham said.

    Also at his Montana getaway camp while JG was still on the team, why not invite him if its just you and the receivers. He was still a QB on the team. Trying to snub him of something?

  6. MZEW233 – could it be possible that Social Media doesn’t have the story exactly right?

    Could it be that the story was slanted in a certain way – like the ESPN fake news was?

    Could it be possible that JG wasn’t in Man-Tana because he had other engagements?

    Could it be that the other QBs weren’t invited either?

    These are really interesting comments from a, ahem, “Pats fan”.

  7. I listened to the recounting of this episode on the radio this morning and was laughing because I assumed it was tongue in cheek (the telling of it was dripping with sarcasm).

    Might want to fact check that this actually happened as opposed to being trolled by Minihane.

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