Report: Jaguars expected to keep Blake Bortles next year


The Jaguars went to the AFC Championship game,and at times they went there despite Blake Bortles.

But they’re apparently content with him for another year, and won’t pursue another starting quarterback this offseason.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, the Jaguars are planning to keep Bortles.

He recently underwent wrist surgery, and his $19 million contract is guaranteed for injury, so if he’s not ready to pass a physical on March 14, he’s covered financially.

But the Jaguars apparently saw enough last year to justify keeping him, regardless.

25 responses to “Report: Jaguars expected to keep Blake Bortles next year

  1. They can do better and there is Cousins available. Wow … Big mistake … You need a QB that can drive the ball downfield at times when the game is tight in the playoffs to win it all. That isnt Bortles

  2. Good.
    My team needs a QB and I’m glad the Jags are staying with Bortles.
    Give him an elite defense, a good oline, and a lot of weapons, and the team can carry him.

  3. He was below average in the second half of the AFCCG. All they needed was an average quarterback and they would be in Minnesota today. They haven’t seen enough?

  4. Huge mistake. If you don’t have enough confidence in your QB to try for a FG with a minute left in the half and 2 TO’s, you need a new QB. You need a guy who can make the pressure throws in the 4Q of a tight playoff game. Bortles is OK, but I doubt he will ever be that guy. Should have gone for Smith, but could still get Cousins, or maybe even Keenum or Eli. Any of those guys and Jags are a legit SB pick next year.

  5. Wow. I don’t know how that teams management can honestly look at what has transpired and think that Bortles is going to take that team anywhere. This is insane. Once in a great while a team has the good fortune to build a super elite defense that gets you almost all the way to a great shot at Super Bowl success if you can only have a competent offense to go with it.

    How on Gods earth do you decide to waste this open window of contention with that great defense with a sub-par quarterback when there are so many better ones available? I feel sorry for Jaguars fans. They and everyone else knows that next December when the playoff scenarios are forming that they are going to be right back where they were this year which is asking “how does our team overcome the lousy play of Bortles?”.

    If they have just a competent QB they are in this years SuperBowl. And then they are going to pay Bortles like $20 million to play. Spend a little more and go for Cousins or Keenum. I’d take Mr. Glass, Sam Bradford over Bortles.


  6. Not a bad move. Keep him for another year and draft a guy like Mason Rudolph or someone you can get into the system and develop.

    Bortles did OK last year.

    The Patriots won’t be around forever (They won’t be right?) and the AFC will open up for some other teams.

  7. suncawy says:
    January 31, 2018 at 8:17 am
    The Jags have a great defense, you don’t want to waste that by having an average quarterback. Especially, when Cousins is available

    Why is everyone so impressed w/ Cousins? There were many gms he simply did not show up.

  8. Bortles had the Pats on the ropes…it was the playcalling (both offensively and defensively) that let the team down. Have watched a lot of football over the years…Bortles reminds me of a young Terry Bradshaw and the troubles he had his first five years and we know how that turned out…

  9. Lets not forget that its January 31st. Nothing said in January should be considered concrete. Of course the Jags “plan” to keep Bortles. Plans change and it would be foolish to say anything different at this point.

  10. I didn’t see anything in the playoffs that made me think Blake Bortles cost the jags. The coaching staff took it out of his hands and deserve way more criticism for play-calling than the QB.

  11. Brock Osweiler 2.0.

    Hopefully the Jaguars are looking for their version of Deshaun Watson in the upcoming draft.

  12. How, how, HOW can this be? I watched most of the games this year (minus my protest of the protests) and every game the first years- this guy is a turnover machine, doesn’t change plays at the line when the defense shifts, has NO longball, throws too damn hard and innacurrately on short routes, and is ALWAYS late to the receiver. He should run more, like every play. You don’t go through 4 years of a bad quarterback and then suddenly turn into Drew Brees. He’s telling you out loud who he is and no one believes him!!!!!!

  13. since when is Cousins some sort of savior legend franchise QB…did you hear the way Gruden spoke about him at the press conference?? His own freaking coach!! Kirk’s gonna do what Kirk does best this year, make a boat load of cash for very average QB play.

  14. This is news? Wasn’t Bortles’ contract guaranteed in 2018 when they picked up the 5th year option on him? Unless they were going to trade him (which I doubt any team would do) Bortles was going to be the guy regardless in 2018. Not to mention if they were to get Bortles out of town, would they really have the money to sign Cousins after all the money they’ve dumped in free agency the past couple of years?

  15. Cousins isn’t worth what he’ll be paid.
    Sure he probably is a better QB than Bortles right now… but you don’t handicap your team’s future for the hope and prayer that Cousins comes into Jax and plays at his 2015 and 2016 levels.

    Speaking of 2015… Bortles threw the ball downfield plenty when Allen Robinson was healthy and prior to this wrist injury popping up in 2016.

    Just sayin.

  16. uncommon1 says:
    January 31, 2018 at 9:27 am
    Lets not forget that its January 31st. Nothing said in January should be considered concrete. Of course the Jags “plan” to keep Bortles. Plans change and it would be foolish to say anything different at this point.

    Well the deadline is March 14 or something.
    Before the draft.
    So… Bortles would have to pass a physical before March 14th, and then be cut.
    Then J-Ville would have no Smith, Brees, or Cousins.
    And would be heading into the draft with Nassib as the only rostered QB.
    Henne is a free agent and you just cut Bortles, so I sure hope their plan at that point would be to trade every pick they need to to go get a QB in the top half of round 1.

    If they keep Bortles beyond the March 14th date. He is owed 19 mil. And for that kind of ched, he’ll be sticking around, and starting, regardless of play.

    So, if their “plan” right now is to keep Bortles. I imagine that’s their plan for 2018 entirely.
    But I wouldn’t doubt they will target a young QB in the earlier rounds of the draft no matter what happens at QB.

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