Titans make a number of additions to Mike Vrabel’s staff

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Titans head coach Mike Vrabel has filled many of the spots on his initial coaching staff.

The team announced seven members of Vrabel’s staff after announcing the additions of defensive coordinator Dean Pees and offensive coordinator Matt LaFleur earlier this week. They’ll be joined by special teams coordinator Craig Aukerman, who was an assistant special teams coach under Mike Mularkey in 2017. Aukerman ran the Chargers special teams in 2016 before moving to Tennessee.

Arthur Smith will remain the team’s tight ends coach. It will be his eighth season with the team and third full year in his current job. The team also officially announced the previously reported hiring of wide receivers coach Rob Moore.

The new additions to the staff are quarterbacks coach Pat O’Hara, secondary coach Kerry Coombs, outside linebackers coach Shane Bowen and inside linebackers coach Tyrone McKenzie. Bowen and O’Hara worked on the Texans staff with Vrabel while Coombs was on Ohio State’s staff for the last six years, including the two years Vrabel coached for his alma mater. McKenzie was an assistant special teams coach for the Rams last year.

2 responses to “Titans make a number of additions to Mike Vrabel’s staff

  1. Although Mike Vrabel is new to being a head coach, he is not new to the game of football and the mechanics of what works.
    He was a hard-nosed football player with a great work ethic. He learned Bill Belichick’s methods and strategies on how to build a complete winning team franchise, and he is putting the puzzle pieces together rather nicely.
    Instead of constant criticism, how about we just wait to see how his team performs on the field!
    I would much rather have Mr. Vrabel as my head coach starting out new, instead of all the other coaches who have been around the league for over a decade each and do nothing but attempt to win!.

  2. How do you get a coach to come out of retirement? Offer his son a job. I realize the coaching fraternity is a bunch of good old boys and nepotism but if I were a son I’d be a little embarrassed to have to follow daddy around. Pees,Williams,Turner,Saunders….who else? I suppose this also means that Chris Polian must really suck or Bill would have taken another job by now.

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