Travis Kelce: Alex Smith trade “awkward,” expectations high for Patrick Mahomes

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Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce said on Wednesday that he got the news that quarterback Alex Smith is set to head to Washington in a trade the same way many others did on Tuesday night.

Kelce got the word via Twitter after his girlfriend said something was going on with the quarterback and his reaction to the news of the deal — which can’t be made official until March 14 — was that it will be “awkward” for a little while. Kelce also said that he’s looking forward to seeing what Patrick Mahomes can do in the offense.

“So it’s going to be awkward going into a huddle, like I said, with anybody but Alex, but I know Pat is ready for the opportunity,” Kelce said on the Rich Eisen Show. “He’s taken a lot of mental reps and a lot of notes from Alex on how this thing should be run. Alex ran it to an absolute T this past season and, obviously, everyone’s excited to see what [Mahomes] can do.”

Kelce said the “expectation is definitely high” for the 2017 first-round pick who will start putting his stamp on the offense when the offseason program gets underway in a few months.

11 responses to “Travis Kelce: Alex Smith trade “awkward,” expectations high for Patrick Mahomes

  1. Be careful what you wish for.

    A Subaru that gets you their safe but can’t pass on the highway?


    A Benz that looks all pretty and fast but how long will it last?

    I personally, think the Chiefs took the right path but it’s more Reeds inability to get over the hump, than Smith’s.


    They could have gotten more for Smith.

  2. A low-cost, high ceiling starting outside ball hawking cornerback to pair with Marcus Peters and a third round draft pick, for Alex? This is way more than I thought Leach would be able to finagle this off-season. Alex Smith solidified a position in Kansas City for the last several years, that was beyond dismal since Trent Green took a knee to his melon ages ago. Too bad the ‘skins don’t appear to have much of a receiving core nor a threatening rushing attack to help Smith out immediately, but it beats the Browns by a country mile. Best regards, Mr Smith. Let the Mahomes’ era commence!

  3. For the guys saying “too soon” or Mahomes needed more time…

    Watson, Geoff, and Wentz… say what? Also, it’s not 1987, try to keep up, QB’s can play out of college, RB’s are a dime a dozen, and ILB’s barely exist.

  4. Smith may or may not have hit his ceiling. Mahomes may or may not be a bust. None of this could be known without this being done. What is known is kc couldn’t afford to pay Smith what he is owed and improve the team,nor could KC get anything for Smith if waited til end of next year. Saying differently is idiotic. KC agurably got same/more for Smith than they gave up to get him.. This cb is highly rated was was pre injuring his senior year + a 3rd rounder… Next yr kc would have received 0 for Smith leaving and still wouldn’t be sure if Mahomes can get it done.

  5. I know everybody likes to bash Reid. Missing some key players in the second half of the Titans game didn’t help. Then we have all of you who said it wasn’t Smith’s fault and the Chiefs needed to run the ball more in the second half. You can’t run the ball much when you have three and outs. Not sustaining drives in the second half is the reason they didn’t run. One play I wish they called different was the third and short where they tried to do a sweep or something? Now that was a bad call for sure, besides that I think they game plan was fine. They didn’t execute, simple as that. Missing Chris Jones to an already beleaguered defense meant they couldn’t stop the run and couldn’t get off the field as well. Take it easy on Big Red. There was plenty of blame to go around in that loss. And yes I’m looking at you Jeff Triplette.

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