Von Miller: Kirk Cousins could take us over the edge

After Broncos linebacker Von Miller got an up-close look at Kirk Cousins last December, he said that “a lot of teams would kill to have a quarterback like that.”

Now that it looks like a sure thing that Cousins will be hitting the open market and moving on from Washington, Miller is making sure that Cousins knows that he puts the Broncos in that group. Miller initially said he’d play it cool when asked about Cousins on The Dan Patrick Show Wednesday, but then said he’s made his feelings known.

“He knows exactly how I feel about Kirk Cousins and what he’d mean to our team,” Miller said. “And what he would mean to a lot of other teams. He’s the hot quarterback on the market right now. … Yeah, we need Kirk. We need Kirk. I’d like to have Kirk. We have great quarterbacks now. Kirk could take us over the edge.”

Cousins told us on PFT Live this week that he’s “willing to make sacrifices or do what has to be done to make sure I’m in the best possible position to win” in the future. Whether he feels as strongly as Miller about what his arrival would mean to the Broncos as opposed to other teams will be one of many questions on the table when March rolls around.

We’ll have more with Miller when he stops by to talk to Mike Florio on Radio Row in Minneapolis on Wednesday.