Von Miller makes his pitch to Kirk Cousins

Getty Images

Yes, Broncos linebacker Von Miller wants quarterback Kirk Cousins to come to Denver. In an interview that will be included in Thursday’s PFT Live, Miller made his pitch to Cousins to get him to choose the Broncos.

“We’re a winning organization,” Miller said. “We’re a winning franchise. History has shown that. We have an elite defense right now. We have great leadership right now. We’re consistent with winning. Some teams are winning right now but history shows that it’s just not consistent. We have a consistent winning organization. It’s the [Rocky Mountains]. We have the best fans in the National Football League. Why wouldn’t you want to be a part of that? Plus, he’d be in the locker room with a guy like me.”

Miller also elaborated on his reasons for wanting Cousins to join the Broncos.

“First and foremost he’s a leader,” Miller said. “He’s a great leader. We’ve been accustomed to great leadership at the quarterback position. To get Kirk Cousins in there, it would be great for our organization. It would be great not only for the offense but for the defense as well. Just getting a quarterback like that — all 32 teams want a quarterback like that. It’s not different for us.”

Beyond leadership, having a great quarterback makes everyone on the team realize that it’s time to try to win.

“It creates a sense of urgency,” Miller said. “When you get a quarterback like that, you know you can win right now. You want to take advantage of that moment. You want to take advantage of having a franchise quarterback. You want to take advantage of being dominant. That’s really what I want to do so bad.”

The Broncos aren’t that far removed from doing that. With a great quarterback, they won’t be that far away from doing it again.