Bruce Arians believes college QB crop may be “best in the last 15 or 20 years”

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Bruce Arians may not be coaching the Arizona Cardinals anymore, but that doesn’t mean he’s not still invested in the game he coached for 42 years.

In an interview with Josh Weinfuss of at the Waste Management Open on Wednesday, Arians spoke glowingly about the group of college quarterbacks eligible to be drafted in April.

“Oh, I think it’s outstanding,” Arians said. “Maybe the best in 15 or 20 years. The number of quality guys with height, stature, arms, statistics… I really wish I had the chance to meet each and every one and do all the evaluations but I think right now you could be sitting at 14 and get a quarterback. People are going to start trading up and everything but there’s enough quality guys to go around for everybody.

Arians’ former team needs a quarterback following the retirement of Carson Palmer after the season. They will certainly be one of the teams pouring time into evaluations of all of the quarterbacks available in the class.

Arians said there’s a lot of quarterbacks that have made an impression on him from this year’s crop.

“Talent-wise, I mean, Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen, (Josh) Allen,” he said. “Baker (Mayfield) has that charisma. I love Lamar Jackson. I think he’s got an unbelievable skill set. Mason Rudolph beat my (Virginia Tech) Hokies with that deep ball and he may have the best deep ball of all of them. You could go on and on.”

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  1. Don’t see it this year. The only one I liked last year was Watson (the QB that tore up Bama two years on the biggest stage) but this crop is far from ready to play and outside of Mayfield (system QB all the way) who won or proved anything on the college level? Maybe in the future you could develop one of them but I don’t see a top 5 pick in the group. Lamar Jackson might be the best bet to improve a team next year but I wouldn’t count on him long term (feel that way about Watson too and I think he is bigger then Jackson). Take Rudolph in the 2nd and you might be better off in the long run.

  2. There are quite a few interesting prospects, but part of me thinks that looking at it like a fan can them look better than they are (even if you’ve coached for 42 years). Changes your perspective. You don’t have to worry as much about system fit, how the player meshes with your current guys, locker room issues, draft position, whatever other concerns you mayh ave had before. I mean, they would be in your mind, but you still look at it with an open book perspective-like what you could do with the guy in your own scheme. Just a thought there.

    Basically, you turn into Jon Gruden.

  3. Bruce Arians is not wrong, I think this could be the best or most loaded QB class in terms of talent since at least 2004 at a minimum. Not only do you have a lot of high-end 1st to 2nd round QB talent in Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen, Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson, Mason Rudolph, Baker Mayfield etc but you have some guys who could go in that 2nd to 4th range who are very talented as well that could become very good starting QB’s like Luke Falk, Kyle Lauletta etc, I mean their is a lot of talent in this draft compared to your average draft that typically only 3 maybe 4 QBs that posses the talent neccessary to have a real shot at becoming a starting NFL QB. I think we could see multiple starting NFL QB’s come out this draft and most definitely will see multiple backup QBs come out of this draft as well.

  4. I would draft Lamar Jackson in the 2nd round and turn him into one dynamic tailback the likes of Eric Dickerson. I’d be concerned with his accuracy as a QB but put him behind the QB and let him pick his hole and you would have one Hell of an offensive weapon…maybe put him in the wildcat occasionally and have him throw a deep pass that may catch defenses off guard.

  5. Yep, whoever your team is needs to pick a guy. Everyone and their father swore last year’s class was terrible, and it just had the best rookie QB in it ever. Kirk Cousins busting your cap isn’t going to win anybody anything. If you have a high pick, draft a QB and groom him in your system.

  6. Can’t imagine the look I would get from the wife if I said “Come on Honey were going to the Waste Management Open”.

  7. Bucky badger. There are at least 6 QB’s in this draft that on paper, are better than 5 starters in the 2017 NFL Cleveland, Buffalo, NY Jets, Denver, Arizona, Jacksonville, Tampa Bay. All would be improved by drafting ANY of the 6 top college QB’s in this years draft IMHO.

  8. Whatever, Bruce. You haven’t shown any ability to get a talented QB on your team other than one ready for a retirement home.

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