Cowboys want to get into Super Bowl (hosting) rotation

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It has to sting the Cowboys more than a little to see their NFC East rivals in the Super Bowl.

But if they can’t get to one, they at least want to host.

According to David Moore of the Dallas Morning News, the Cowboys have told the NFL they intend to bid for future Super Bowls, and hope to get into the rotation for the game in the future.

“We’re always interested in bringing a major event to AT&T,’’ executive vice president Stephen Jones said. “That’s what we built it for.

We’d love to have another Super Bowl. At some point I think we’ll get the opportunity to host again. Maybe we’ll get a little luckier on the weather. And there won’t be an issue on seating. We learned a lot from that. North Texas would again be a great host. We’d give the NFL a great event.’’

The game is spoken for the next four years (Atlanta, Miami, Tampa Bay, Los Angeles), meaning 2023 would be the soonest they could host. They’d have tried to get in the mix sooner, but lawsuits over seating issues had to be resolved, and the last one was taken care of last year. And other than a new stadium in Las Vegas, there aren’t new construction projects in the works to get in line with the usual suspects for the game (including Arizona and New Orleans).

“We still think we’re one of the best, if not the best, building in the country or the world for this type of event,’’ Jones said. “Economically, we can produce more revenue than any venue the NFL could choose. The league profits from that.’’

Jones can’t promise better weather, however, and memories of the ice storm that crippled North Texas in 2011 may be in the backs of the minds of owners when they decide future locations.

“There has only been one snow in 100 years where the schools were out for a week, and it happened to be when we got the main event,’’ Jones said. “You can’t believe it.

“But at the end of the day, I don’t think the NFL will pay that much attention to that week. Dallas isn’t really a threat to have another blizzard like that.’’

If Jones can make it rain for them financially, he’s probably right about the weather not being the deciding factor.

25 responses to “Cowboys want to get into Super Bowl (hosting) rotation

  1. Blame the weather all you want but the seat thing was completely unforgivable. Fans pay way too much for that garbage. Even if you had a good seat hundreds missed the start of the game because they couldn’t even get them in the stadium. A game that has a long intro and they still couldn’t get them seated.

  2. They might as well get into hosting the SB because they sure won’t be playing in it as long as Jerry is acting GM, Coach, Team Physician, strength trainer, etc

  3. There has only been one snow in 100 years where the schools were out for a week.

    Ok, that takes care of the weather, now what about selling seats that you weren’t cleared to sell? Was that stupidity, or greed?

  4. I hope they bring it back to Dallas after Jerruh is dead. The seat trainwreck that occurred for many people won’t be soon forgotten. Give it to Dallas in 2040!

  5. The joke is a bit too easy on this one, right?

    “It may be the only way Dallas is involved in a Super Bowl for a long time”

    All jabs aside… Dallas is a great venue.

  6. Their tough luck on the weather was amazing. The odds of a repeat will never be zero of course, but low enough that it should not count against them. If you consider the risk against a location like say Gillette, Dallas looks pretty good.

  7. This makes perfect sense, If I were Jerruh I would also want to host the SB since there is little to no chance that while Jerruh is alive and the Clapper is their HC that team isnt going to an SB on merit anyway. Hosting the game is as close as they’ll ever be to the SB

  8. Big fan of Jones, but I agree, as it is a *huge” venue and, weather notwithstanding, it doesn’t present great opportunities. They’ve hosted bowl games there and it has been fine.

    It’s a shame the NE doesn’t have a domed stadium that would have capacity for the SB. Seems like that automatically shuts out a segment of the country. That said, I wouldn’t not mind another SB outdoors in the NE, say, Philadelphia or in the DMV….

  9. Of course that’s what they built it for. They definitely didn’t build it to give themselves homefield advantage! That big screen makes you feel like your in the movie theater so your afraid to make any loud noises!

  10. Yes Jerry, The Eagles will love to play the Super Bowl in their home away from home where they have beaten Dallas 4 out of the last 5 years.

  11. All it comes down to is NFL greed. Football is an outside sport.The NFL makes money throughout the season on all 32 teams. Every city should have the right to host a SB on a rotational basis.

  12. Yes…that seating travesty is hard to forgive, but get over it. This is arguably the best venue in sports. The Cowboys deserve another shot. However, Jerry should be more concerned about winning another Lombardi for his fans than lining his already fat pockets! It’s time Jerry!

  13. Sorry Jerrah, you only get to screw over football fans only once.
    That was disgraceful. No way should they give you another chance
    to host a Superbowl.

  14. The seating issue was NOT (important word) on Jerry. That was on the NFL. The team GIVES (another important word) the venue to the NFL for the game for free. The NFL is in charge of the stadium set up. Perhaps if Goodell had been more concerned about getting the seating expansion addressed instead of enjoying his all expenses paid trip to Hawaii the week before, the issues could have been avoided. The NFL dropped the ball. Jerryactually tried to get some crews in there at the last minute to bail them out, but the weather made travel almost impossible.

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