Illness making its way around the Eagles locker room

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The Eagles are short on injury concerns on their active roster as they prepare for Super Bowl LII, but they are having some issues familiar to everyone living through cold and flu season.

Defensive tackle Timmy Jernigan missed practice last Friday and again on Wednesday because he has been under the weather. Jernigan was missing from Thursday’s media availability for the same reason and cornerback Ronald Darby may be on the day’s injury report because he also skipped the session with an illness that linebacker Mychal Kendicks said has been making its way around the locker room.

“I’m getting over it right now. It’s like a cold, dude. I don’t know. The whole team has it, though,” Kendricks said, via Tim McManus of “I don’t think it had anything to do with us being out here. I think it started sometime last week. Something we’ve got to get through. We’ll be fine. It’s not that big of a deal. … It’s that time of year. No one’s dying. It’s all good.”

McManus notes that Kendricks didn’t literally mean everyone on the team, although running back Kenjon Barner and coach Doug Pederson are also among those who have dealt with the issue. That hasn’t led to anyone expressing concern about players missing the game, but it’s one more thing for the Eagles to deal with in the final days before Super Bowl LII.

37 responses to “Illness making its way around the Eagles locker room

  1. Somehow, I don’t see any Patriot player who would ever say that an illness has been going through the whole locker room, even as innocuous as a cold.

  2. Seriously Belichick!!! Is there no end??

    Just kidding. I’m taking comfort knowing that Michael Jordan scored 38 points in the 1997 finals with like a 103 temperature.

  3. kennylc2015 says:
    February 1, 2018 at 2:59 pm
    Seriously Belichick!!! Is there no end??

    Just kidding. I’m taking comfort knowing that Michael Jordan scored 38 points in the 1997 finals with like a 103 temperature.


    There is only one Jordan in this game, or league for that matter.

  4. Hmmm..

    They snuck Butler into their facility on his way off the chartered plane with the flu and infected the Eagles!


    Goodell is on the case!

  5. 3 players and a coach have a cold?!? Thank God there are still 4 days till the game, they MIGHT be able to recover from that “illness making its way through the locker room”.

  6. Hmmmm, let’s get the excuses rolling:

    1) illness going thru locker room – check
    2) sloppy practice on Wed – check
    3) TBD – Friday
    4) TBD – Saturday
    5) TBD – Sunday

    Can’t wait for this game to actually start so we can stop hearing about all of the travesty’s that this Philly team had to overcome. Jeez, feel free to keep some of this crap to yourselves, we don’t need to know about every single mountain you had to scale and it’s corresponding effect on the outcome of your loss on Sunday.

  7. All that’s missing now is the 2 AM Sunday morning fire alarm at their hotel.

  8. Look at the bright side, at least they don’t have the same cleaning crew the Browns have, or else it would be staph infections for everyone.

  9. Really, did they need to publicize this? They mention FIVE names. That’s not what I would consider “an illness going through the locker room”. The Iggles should take a lesson from the Pats, play it close to the vest, show up Sunday and see who comes better prepared to win the game.

  10. The food they eat, the water they drink, the air they breath, Belichick controls everything.
    Eagles should get food tasters.

  11. That’s right, the Pats started the flu epidemic that’s been raging around the country for the last couple months on the chance the Pats might be in the Super Bowl and that they might have fewer players infected than the other team.

    My god, is there any depth of stupidity the Pats haters won’t sink to in their claims?

    Note I realize most of you are making that claim humorously, the sad thing is there are a handful of people here who no doubt believe with all their hearts the Pats somehow managed to make the Eagles players sick. SMH

  12. I heard Malcolm Butler of the Patriots was hospitalized with this earlier in the week. Hospitalized. He must have been throwing up and dehydrated.

  13. rhyneaux says:
    February 1, 2018 at 3:19 pm
    Time to break out the pickle juice

    I enjoy pickle juice whether I or not im sick ddoes it have to be dill? or does sweet work as well? I am actually fighting a bug myself…

  14. Just something else to overcome – as the Eagles have all season. Even at 80% Eagles players are more talented than Patriots. And Brady will have the ultimate ailment on Sunday – 40 years old feeling like he’s 80 by halftime with the pounding he’ll take. And there’s no cure for that.

  15. People have died from the flu this year, and it will include that guy that dropped $3 million in Vegas on the Eagles when he hears about this

  16. brady was puking his guts out sick before his 2nd bowl and played great through it. but then he is the greatest foootball player of all time.

    would hurt my feelings if eagles all got sick, they’re going to be tough to handle.

  17. It’s a story not an excuse. Like Brady and his hand. That’s not an excuse that makes him a warrior? A boo boo on the back of his hand. This has been the worst job ever by the media for a super bowl. This wasn’t coverage about two teams and a game this was the coronation of the king. The goat is going To be put out to pasture. This isn’t just going to be the eagles ending their super bowl drought. This is going to be so special because it’s going to be the end. The lasting super bowl memory of the GOAT will be how the Eagles with a back up QB ended the dynasty!!

  18. If Brady were to get hurt, in no way am I wishing that on him, but if he got hurt and the Eagles won, what would the rhetoric be?? Oh the Eagles only won because they played against the patriots back up QB, right?? Yet the Patriots are playing the eagles backup and the starter would’ve won the mvp and the media is talking about how this win will prove how great they are. So when the pats play a back up QBs they’re the greatest

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