Jordan Howard happy to be out of a “basic” offense

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Count running back Jordan Howard among those happy about the Bears’ change in direction at head coach.

Howard said he was “pretty excited” when he heard that Matt Nagy was going to be the team’s head coach because the team didn’t have much success on offense in John Fox’s final season as head coach. Howard also sounds pretty excited about playing in a system that Nagy said will be fun for the players in 2018.

“I felt great about that because last year we were pretty much basic. Everybody knew what we were going do, they knew what was coming like pretty much every play so it was pretty easy for them to stop us,” Howard said on NFL Network. “Now, I feel like we’re going to be a lot more creative and have defenses off balance.”

Nagy brought former Oregon coach Mark Helfrich in as offensive coordinator and the tandem promises to be anything but basic when they put together the playbook for the 2018 season. How well the Bears can execute it will depend on quarterback Mitchell Trubisky‘s growth and improvement at the receiver spots, but Howard and 2017 fourth-round pick Tarik Cohen give them a couple of building blocks.

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  1. The Bears offense will be much improved this year. A creative mind can make a big difference. I also would suggest taking a flyer on Jordan Matthews. He’ll come cheap on a short contract but has plenty of talent for a receiving corps that could use some.

  2. Regardless of coaches, the bears receiving corp in the first half of the year was arguably the worst in the league. If not, bottom 5. So getting trubisky some weapons wouldn’t hurt. Look how improved the Rams were with a new coach and a few smart signings (o-oline, wide receiver). Not saying that’ll happen in Chicago but its not unheard of

  3. blame dowell loggains more for this than fox. good luck miami. he pretty much ruined the career of kevin white, making him a bust. guy with 6’3 height and 4.4 speed and you throw him screen passes. of course he’s gonna get rocked at the line of scrimmage. so glad to have some imagination on offense now, instead of our consistent, run…run…pass…punt series every game

  4. Blame Pace….
    no receivers, he did a bad job on free agents, i.e. Simms, Wheaton and believing in the bust Kim White. Then, Meredith went down.
    With inexperience at QB, the Bears had to run….and all teams were ready for their offense of run, run, pass and probably punt.
    Blame Pace

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