Le’Veon Bell: $60 million isn’t enough to run with the Jets

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Steelers running back Le'Veon Bell played out the 2017 season on a franchise tag, which means that he can become a free agent in March is the Steelers don’t sign him or use the tag a second time.

If Bell does become a free agent, there will likely be more than a few suitors for his services. If the Jets are among them, they should probably be prepared to dig as deep into their pocketbook as possible when it comes time to make an offer.

A Jets fan directed a tweet at Bell joking that he had been authorized to offer Bell $60 million to come play for the team. Bell sent back a reply.

The Jets have said that they plan to be very active in free agency this offseason and will have tens of millions in cap space to fund those efforts. It seemed more likely that they would break the bank for quarterback Kirk Cousins than a running back like Bell even before Bell shared his thoughts on what kind of green it might take to get him in Jets green.