Saints play-by-play voice Jim Henderson retiring after 31 years

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New Orleans Saints play-by-play broadcaster Jim Henderson is calling it a career after 31 years behind the microphone.

Henderson made his announcement on flagship station WWL in New Orleans on Thursday.

It’s time.  This is a good year to go out,” Henderson said.  “I will miss our Saints Radio broadcast team; I will miss calling the games. But, I’m looking forward to experiencing Saints football purely as a fan.”

Henderson first started calling Saints games in 1986 with former Saints quarterback Archie Manning. He also paired with Hokie Gajan and Deuce McAllister during his tenure calling Saints games.

“It’s a bitter sweet moment.  In a way you wanna cry, but in a way you’re so happy and proud; because you know the work, the heart Jim put into his job,” McAllister said. “(Jim) brought joy to everyone who loves Saints football.”

14 responses to “Saints play-by-play voice Jim Henderson retiring after 31 years

  1. One of the absolute best announcers in the game. Many of those years in the NFL desert, Jim Henderson was among the best announcers there was and was something Saints fans could be proud. Many, many Saints fans had turned off the television sound and turned up their radios and watched Saints games and listened to the radio broadcast in the Gulf South. His pairings with former Saint Greats Archie Manning and then with Hokie Gajan, and then with Deuce were the best that fans could have asked. He may never get the credit out of this small, ignored market that he so richly deserves, but his talent and mastery of language could easily be compared among the best in the history of Football Announcing. Thank You, Hondo!

  2. Watched him for decades, this former teacher way with words added a unique touch superior above everyone in sports journalism and entertainment. A class act too, along with his former broadcast partner Archie Manning, that combined for the best team analysis ever on NFSl Games. Each game they did was like watching NFL Match-Up with Greg Cordell, only live in game. For decades New Orleanians turned off their TV sound and turned on their radio sound up.

  3. Great radio voice.. a true legend not only for just the Saints but also in broadcasting.. thanks for the memories and great calls, Jim!




  4. The excitement in his voice when he said “it’s goooooood” on the game winning kick in the NFL championship game that sent the Saints to the Super Bowl was classic! Best of luck to him…

  5. The Hartley FG against the Vikings that kicked the Saints into their only Super Bowl is legendary! “Pigs have flown… Hell has frozen over… The Saints are going to the Super Bowl!!” I still tremble when I hear that call! For many long-suffering Saints fans, that was sweeter than the Super Bowl victory itself! It was the last play of the game, unlike the Super Bowl victory against the Colts, therefore, that magic of it shall forever live on.

    Thanks Jim Henderson. You were a class act calling all those Saints games. It was my delight being a media member in the press box on some of those games including one in San Diego where I actually dined with Archie Manning in the press box before a game.

    Again, thanks for the sweet memories…

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