Steve Spagnuolo: Ben McAdoo will get another head coaching job

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Steve Spagnuolo has more faith in Ben McAdoo than the Giants did. Or the rest of the NFL does. At least for now.

The former Giants defensive coordinator said he believes McAdoo will get another chance as a head coach.

“It was a really tough year,” Spagnuolo told Jim Miller and Pat Kirwan on SiriusXM Radio. “I want to say this up front, Ben McAdoo, who was our head coach, in my opinion will be a head coach again. He did an outstanding job. I mean, we just had things kind of snowball the wrong way this year. Sometimes when that ball gets rolling the wrong way it’s hard to push it back up and get going in the middle of it.”

The Giants fired McAdoo after a 2-10 start and the ill-advised decision to bench Eli Manning for Geno Smith. Spagnuolo finished out the year as the team’s interim head coach.

“Look, you live and you learn, right?” Spagnuolo said. “I always think sometimes you get more out of a rough season like that than you do the great ones that we have,” he said. “Some bonds are created when you go through adverse situations and we did have that.”

Despite a host of vacancies, McAdoo did not get a sniff from any team seeking a new head coach.

24 responses to “Steve Spagnuolo: Ben McAdoo will get another head coaching job

  1. Despite a host of vacancies, McAdoo did not get a sniff from any team seeking a new head coach.

    Was he considered for ANY position, on any team?

  2. Pretty sure that decision to bench Eli for Geno will guarantee no other head coaching offers. He’ll be lucky if he gets a equipment managers assistant job now.

  3. He probably will

    Owners like coaches who do what they are told and he did what John Mara wanted

    He benched Eli to set the stage for either getting rid of the aging QB’s $20 mil salary (or maybe getting Eli to accept a pay cut) to start fresh with one of the two top QBs in what’s being called the deepest QB draft class in quite some time

    Depending on how much a petulant oft injured OBJ wants, they may very well pass on him too

    But McAdoo will be highly recommended by Mara for taking the bullet for benching Eli, even though everyone knows nothing happens without Mara’s OK

  4. Maybe you take a step forward and fail, you often have to take two steps back. Lincoln failed more than anyone ever and yet, the best president ever.

    But to make a blanket statement is ridiculous. Some people are meant to be coordinators and he didn’t even prove that. His two steps forward should never have happened. He should have proven himself a very competent coordinator first. Competent, perhaps. Special? No.

  5. As far as Spags is concerned, all he has proven is that he’s a great DC when he has a great D. When injuries happen, or players don’t play up to standards, he has no answers. Never been so disappointed in a coordinator I thought was great. Kind of obvious he’s nothing but a front runner. Like most coaches.

  6. I like coach “spags”… I am a life-long GIANTS fan… the first game I watched when Coach McAdoo had the greased back hairdo… I was taken aback… it meant to me he was looking for a “look”… a “schtick”…. made me think.. and believe that he was not experienced enough to lead a team particularly in the NY market….. GIANTS pushed Coughlin out and I know experience is a key factor in success in all types of businesses…. I think thats why they hired a new coach who is labeled…. “an adult”.

  7. XFL – maybe. Seriously, neither McAdoo or Spagnuolo will ever get HC jobs again. Not even for the Browns.

  8. I guess that it is logical that Coach Spagnola is in favor of coaches who do poorly in their first head coaching gig get the entitlement of that second chance. Hmmmmm.

    Coach McAdoo will be a coordinator on a team that fires their hc and he will end up the interim coach, technically marking his second head coaching gig. Does that sound like anyone else, Coach Spagnuola?

  9. first he will have to prove himself as an OC, he better do better than he did with the Giants as he declined every year. Spags was exposed with the Saints.

    I see both as positional coaches at best

  10. Why can’t anyone, ANYONE just say the truth instead of saying what they ‘should say’ or the ‘right thing’……the right thing is the truth.

    Sick and tired of the double speak…..SPIT OUT THE TRUTH

  11. As a GIANTS fan, I will always be greatful to Spags for 2007, and for outcoaching the PATs in SB 42.

    However, I don’t see McAdoo being a HC in the NFL ever again. Yes, he is a very sharp guy, but he is a terrible leader. TERRIBLE. The Veteran players saw through his BS.

  12. IF McAdoo ever does get another HC job – very doubtful – it will be one more than what Spags will again ever get. Both these guys have demonstrated they are not HC material. And both have been successful only when they have had the players that have made them look successful.

  13. Didn’t the Giants make the playoffs 2 years ago?? McAdoo isn’t that bad, give me a break. Good luck with OBJ!

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