Tom Brady hoping Rob Gronkowski has “his best game of the year”

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Rob Gronkowski hijacked the Patriots’ team press conference Thursday, with his riser more packed with media than Tom Brady‘s. No one was happier about that than the Patriots quarterback.

“Have you talked to him yet? Is he around here today? He is? Well, good,” Brady said, laughing. “That makes me happy then. He’s a big weapon for us. He’s a guy that always shows up with a great attitude. He’s just an incredible player. Hopefully he can go out there and play his best game of the year.”

The Patriots came back in last year’s Super Bowl without Gronkowski, who went on injured reserve with a back injury that required surgery after only eight games. They came back in this year’s AFC Championship Game, too, despite Gronkowski playing only 26 of 64 plays as he was knocked out with a concussion before halftime.

But Gronkowski makes Brady’s job easier and the Patriots a better team.

Doctors cleared Gronkowski from concussion protocol on Thursday, assuring he will start Sunday’s game against the Eagles.

“Gronk is just a dominant player,” Brady said. “He always finds a way to have space. He’s tall. He’s fast. He’s quick. He’s got incredible hands. I mean, look at the guy. It’s pretty nice to throw to guys like that. I’ve been lucky to be his teammate for a long time. He’s a great friend. He’ll be a friend for life. I’m proud of him and everything that he’s accomplished and what he’s overcome. His mental and physical toughness has been a great attribute, and I’m hoping he goes out and plays a great game.”

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  1. cant wait till those beer can throwing eagles fans get a hard dose of reality. they can say all they want about patriots not being in their heads etc etc. the patriots are in their heads.. eagles saw the falcons 25 point lead evaporate last year. this is the patriots 10th trip to the super bowl, with a possible 6th win..oh yeah, the eagles will fail miserably

  2. Both teams have players that create matchup problems for the other and are fairly even matches. The Eagles might have a slightly better overall roster, but the Pats have Brady and Belichick.

    I don’t see this being a blowout either way unless one team makes a lot of early turnovers. If both teams protect the balls it going to be a nailbiter.

  3. After the way Gronk concussed the Buffalo CB on an illegal hit, having to sit out a game, it would be karma if he were concussed in the first quarter of the SB.

  4. I will second that motion. Something tells me that Gronk, Burkhead and Hogan are going to bounce back from being offline. Lewis, White, Cooks, Amendola, Gronk, Hogan and Burkhead are seven skilled position players that can hurt you in the run or the pass, on a screen, in the flat, on a slant, up the sideline, down the middle, on a post or a corner pattern. They can run up the middle or off tackle. They can sweep or or do an end around. They can go no huddle or slow it down. They can march methodically down the field or score in less than a minute from anywhere on the field. Brady will do any and all of the above and move the chains on short yardage on his own. If you cover one way they will go the other way.

  5. This guy collects concussions like people collect stamps.

    There is no way he should be allowed to play this game if the NFL is serious about long-term player health.

  6. Ultraviolet Thunder says:
    February 1, 2018 at 7:51 pm

    This guy collects concussions like people collect stamps.
    There is no way he should be allowed to play this game if the NFL is serious about long-term player health.

    People haven’t collected stamps in this century…so Gronk is good to go.

  7. Apparently there’s a leak on Twitter that shows Tom Brady is indeed your NFL MVP.

    I can’t wait till this is officially announced here on PFT. The comments and the 😭 will be hilarious!


  8. skawh-was it karma that the Seahawks were a one hit wonder because of all the PED cheating? Wilson to Butler

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