Bill Belichick takes night off to watch basketball


Maybe it’s because he’s been to plenty of Super Bowls, or maybe it was just because he had an extra week to prepare for a game. Or maybe he just had to get out of the mall. Either way, Bill Belichick took a night off Thursday.

Via Mike Reiss of, Belichick attended last night’s Timberwolves-Bucks game, sitting courtside. He’s a longtime friend of Minnesota coach Tom Thibodeau, who grew up in Connecticut, was a Celtics assistant for four years and declares himself a Patriots fan.

“I watch every game,” Thibodeau said. “I love watching them play, and I don’t take any of that for granted. I know how special he is and that team is. I hope he never leaves. I hope he coaches 25 more years. He’s an amazing guy and an amazing coach.

“I grew up as a kid thinking that the Patriots never win the Super Bowl — we could get there, but we don’t win. And now my nephews, there view of it is entirely different. They think the Patriots should win it every year. That’s a good way to grow up. But I know how special that is. And no one in that area should ever take it for granted.”

Belichick has also had Thibodeau out to Patriots practices during the spring. And maybe he’s good luck, as the Timberwolves beat the Bucks 108-89.

16 responses to “Bill Belichick takes night off to watch basketball

  1. What? Is he looking past the Eagles? Already thinking about next year’s Super Bowl? Is he partying too much? Next thing you know, he will be on a party boat outside of Miami. What a disgrace.

    Sarcasm font is on.

  2. thelastwordyaheard says:
    February 2, 2018 at 7:44 am
    wtf Bill ..NO DAYS OFF!!!!!!
    Technically this took place at NIGHT.

  3. NO Days Off does not mean you work every day. What Bill meant was (and of course few grasped it) was that when you are at work you show up on time, are prepared and put in maximum effort. Not a difficult concept.

  4. Wow that is crazy. These Patriots seem not to be taking things seriously. From all the joking and playing on media night. Stories of them at the mall shopping everyday. Bill wearing a fedora n a suit and going to basketball games during practice nights, its kind of unbelievable. You would NEVER catch Bill out during game week yet hes doing it during the Superbowl. They r gonna regret taking the Eagles lightly.

    This also could be a shot back at Kraft and his “Egos in check and Im the Boss comments”. Bill gave Jimmy away for nothing out of spite. Now he just so happens to be doing something so out of character DURING SUPERBOWL WEEK! I dunno its kinda like hes saying “O yeah your the owner kraft, your the boss? But I run the team, which means you cant stop me from tanking trades, heck you cant stop me from tanking superbowls”

    If I learned anything from “The 2 Bills” is that Belichick can all the sudden completely change his opinion about his situation and once he does hes gonna follow it through. He did it when the giants called when he was trying to go to army, he did it to the vikings, he did it with the Browns, and he did it with the Jets. He was all set ready to be a part of those teams but then something happens and hes through, done, over. I dunno it feels like that might be happening in NE.

    I will say tho the more days go by and the more I hear the media talking like the Eagles have no shot if they dont play perfect, like the Pats just gotta show up, the more I hear Pats players talk, and the more I hear more Eagles players talk, the better I feel about the Eagles chances.

    There hasnt been a team counted out this much in the Superbowl since the Bears in 2006-2007. I got a feeling a lot of people are about to look foolish.

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