Dalvin Cook on track for 2018

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More than four months into his rehab, Vikings running back Dalvin Cook is looking good.

“He’s progressed very nicely,” General Manager Rick Spielman said, via Chris Tomasson of the Pioneer Press. “I talked to [Director of Sports Medicine/Head Athletic Trainer] Eric Sugarman . . . when we got back in town, and we don’t see any reason where he’s not going to be where Adrian Peterson was when he came off his knee [injury].”

Cook, the team’s second-round pick, rushed for 354 yards and two touchdowns on 74 attempts in four games his rookie season. He tore his ACL in the Week 4 game.

“We have no reason to believe Dalvin won’t even be stronger than he was before the injury,” Spielman added. “We’re very excited about getting him back on the field.”

Peterson returned in 2012 from his knee injury to rush for 2,097 yards and win league MVP honors.

17 responses to “Dalvin Cook on track for 2018

  1. Good luck kid. The Peterson was an anomaly (I believe,) and coming back to any level of success close to that effort will be very difficult, if not unlikely.

  2. Stop using AP and Dalvin in same sentence. 2 different injuries, 2 different players. You can just say, “Dalvin is right on or ahead of schedule.” That should be good enough.

    AP is gone. If we make Dalvin the focus like we did AP, we won’t go anywhere…..like it was when AP was here.

  3. “we don’t see any reason where he’s not going to be where Adrian Peterson was when he came off his knee [injury].”

    Oh, crap. You mean he’s going to lose his ability to pick up the blitz, catch passes, and take handoffs from the shotgun formation?

  4. It’s pretty amazing how even 10 years ago an ACL injury was damn near career ending, when now it’s basically a 10 month rehab.

  5. Vikings fan here. Just going to preemptively say right now that I think a healthy Cook would’ve had little to no effect in an NFC Championship game where the Vikings’ defense got absolutely obliterated. No excuses here.

    The only thing a healthy Cook may have helped the Vikes with would’ve been the possibility of getting that #1 seed so they could’ve played the ‘ship game here at US Bank stadium. But with that awesome game plan Doug and his staff had? I’m not convinced the Vikes would’ve had much of a different outcome playing at home. Eagles were/are simply the better team.

  6. I think it’s fair to say that we shouldn’t expect Cook to be exactly the same as he was before the injury, at least not right away. It seems like most athletes are able to return from an ACL about 10 months later but they tend not to look like themselves until the season after they return. Just don’t haul out examples from 10 or 20 years ago and try to compare them to today’s situation. Advancements in ACL surgery and rehab make those comparisons meaningless.

    One thing Cook has going for him is he’s young. He has a good chance to still have a long and successful career.

  7. All the trolls saying he’ll never be the same. What a shocker. This isn’t the 1960’s- Cook should be fine.

    But I do get a kick out of the “he’ll be stronger than before” we’re subjected to after every injury. I can’t see how a repaired knee can be stronger than it was before the tear. Maybe his bench press is stronger now.

  8. I think he will come back form his ACL injury just fine but to use AD is not only unfair but useless. He is Dalvin Cook. I am excited to have him back next year as well. Eric Sugerman and staff are one of the best in the business.

  9. Hey Packer trolls,Rodgers will never be the same.Why don’t YOU worry about THE hot mess you got in Green Bay. New coaches, new DC and OC, your QB unhappy letting your Qb coach go. Big Trouble in Title town.

    With that shoddy defense Cook goes for a buck fiddy next year in BOTH games.

  10. I like to think he would have helped the Vikings vs the Eagles but it wouldn’t. Zim did nothing to change his defense from the week prior and made zero adjustments during the game. Outcoached and played like a fiddle.

  11. Vikes steve the Eagles were the better team this year plain and simple.The dline wore down and Foles had all day. You can’t expect db’s to cover a pro for that long.

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