Friday’s PFT PM has a strong L.A. vibe


We’re still in Minnesota, but Friday’s PFT PM carries a distinct L.A. feel.

Guests for the interview-only edition of the show include Rams quarterback Jared Goff, Rams running back Todd Gurley, Chargers president of football operations John Spanos, and Chargers president of business operations A.G. Spanos.

The fifth guests plays for a team that won a playoff game in Los Angeles: Falcons running back Devonta Freeman.

For the entire show, click below.

The PFT PM podcast returns on Tuesday, since Monday will be a travel day home from Minnesota.

2 responses to “Friday’s PFT PM has a strong L.A. vibe

  1. How about that, they interviewed Dumb and Dumber Spanos. It is a surprise that they could speak with the silver spoons stuck in their mouths.
    Nepotism at its finest. The Chargers will never win a thing with the Spanos’ owning that team.
    Oh Gene Klein, you are missed….

  2. An “L.A. Vibe?” L-a-L-a-Land? You mean that’s good? The Chargers have only a trickle of fans in the soccer field. No fan base means no fans, but Spanos keeps tripping along as he rakes in “shared” TV revenues, “shared” outrageous seat, parking and concession prices……and a “shared” stadium now and “shared” again, whenever Kroenke’s stadium is built. This team has no home no management and is attached to no one, nothing. It’s kind of a gypsy….mercenary-like exploitive group. Spanos always does everything on-the-cheap. It’s sickening.

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