Lawsuit filed against Texans alleging team failed to properly investigate sexual harassment complaints

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The Houston Texans released a statement Friday evening in response to a lawsuit filed against the franchise over failure to properly investigate sexual harassment complaints.

According to, Kristen Grimes is suing for negligence, civil assault, intentional infliction of emotional distress and defamation. The lawsuit is directed at the alleged actions of Jason Lowrey, the team’s former Director of Football Operations.

We are aware that a lawsuit was filed earlier today against the Houston Texans alleging, among other things, that the Club failed to properly investigate and respond to a sexual harassment complaint filed by a former employee in November 2016,” the statement read. “The Houston Texans take complaints of this nature seriously. Consistent with club policy, this matter was promptly investigated and addressed at the time the complaint was made. We will vigorously defend ourselves against this litigation.”

The lawsuit against the team alleges the Texans and Lowrey “fostere(ed) an Alpha-Male environment, where continuous improprieties toward female employees were not punished. In fact, they were rewarded.”

Lowrey was dismissed by the team in January.

9 responses to “Lawsuit filed against Texans alleging team failed to properly investigate sexual harassment complaints

  1. It’s a “me too” environment now. You can’t expect to get away with harassment today, especially with deep pockets and not anticipate being sued.

  2. Sad state of the world but, I had a feeling the Carolina situation was just the beginning. Like every industry that hasn’t had a spotlight on issues like this, skeletons tend to gather in the closet. Seems like as far as we’ve come as a society, we keep learning that we still have so far to go.

    Every victim deserves to be credibly heard & the accused need to be given due process.

  3. Grimes “claims Lowrey pursued a relationship with Grimes in 2013. According to the lawsuit, Lowrey allegedly groped Grimes and “publicly demeaned” her in front of colleagues during a work trip to Nashville in 2013. When she attempted to end a relationship with Lowery in 2015…”
    Er, so AFTER he pursued her in 2013, groping and publicly demeaning her, she started a relationship with him – presumably, that’s the improper rewards she’s now referring to.

  4. Not surprising. You have men who make hundreds of thousands to millions per year. Men who grew up in environment where you’re privileged being a sport star their entire lives. Not only are the athletes probably responsible but front office men as well. Their millionaires running a billionaire company.

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