NFL says Rooney Rule allows Ravens to promote Eric DeCosta without interviews

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The Ravens have announced that General Manager Ozzie Newsome will step aside after the 2018 season, and the team’s longtime No. 2 personnel man Eric DeCosta will take Newsome’s place. The Ravens will not conduct any interviews, which might sound like a violation of the Rooney Rule.

But the league tells PFT that the Ravens are permitted, under the Rooney Rule, to promote DeCosta without first interviewing a minority candidate.

According to the NFL, part of the Rooney Rule stipulates that teams can make a promotion of a personnel executive to the top job without conducting any interviews, if the executive has already been labeled as the G.M. in waiting.

So although the Rooney Rule is advertised as requiring every team to interview a minority candidate for every vacancy for head coaches or general managers, the case of the Ravens hiring DeCosta is an exception.

The NFL has faced scrutiny in recent months after the Browns hired a new G.M. and the Raiders hired a new head coach, and in both cases the teams appeared to conduct interviews with minority candidates solely to satisfy the requirements of the Rooney Rule, and not because they were genuinely considering those candidates for the job. In the case of the Ravens moving from Newsome to DeCosta, there will be no need for such interviews.

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  1. The Rooney rule forces pandering which is a slap in the face to minorities. As a guy that hates racism and bigotry the Rooney rule makes me sick. It’s stupid and strengthens the divide between races by the fact it points out our differences. The only thing that’s gonna help racial tensions is time. The more diverse we become by the simple fact that idiots die off and we’re all mixed together. As a mixed race couple my wife and I have two awesome kids that will be part of the solution as they grow and become the next generations leaders

  2. So you’re saying they don’t have to interview a minority to replace a minority? As in the first minority GM in the NFL? Shocking.

  3. So when Ozzie’s final GM contract was sorted 5yrs ago, envisioning deCosta to thereafter succeed him, was the Rooney Rule followed then? Because at some point the franchise had to interview/consider deCosta to succeed Ozzie – be it now, 5yrs ago, or in between, so at some point the Rooney Rule should apply.

  4. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the notion that we don’t have enough of minorities in football or that some people still think they haven’t had a fair shot.

  5. Of course the Browns and Raiders interviewed minority candidates solely for the purpose of satisfying the Rooney Rule. When they knew who they wanted, but they had to follow a dumb rule, they did what they had to do. How can you make someone genuinely consider other people when they already know who they want?

  6. The Rule is inherently racist because it judges and gives preference to people based on race. You have to be in denial to see its core as anything else. Send it to the scrap-heap of history with other racist policies.

  7. ….and not because they were genuinely considering those candidates for the job.


    You can’t make people hire you, You have to be someone they’re interested in and they believe you can make their team better regardless of race. Most All the interviews are a sham because your are not letting your billion dollar franchise go to chance they have some idea before they fire their GM/coach what direction they want to move in.

  8. Times have changed and the Rooney rule is outdated it’s time for the rule to go it’s 2018 not 1963

  9. I just can’t wrap my head around how you force someone to “genuinely” like somebody else due to a rule…in a business setting, no less

  10. There is nothing wrong with the Rooney Rule.

    It was intended to give exposure to minorities for upper level positions within football clubs. It was never intended as a Mandate to give such jobs to minority candidates but to ensure enclusion in the hiring process and the exposure for potential future jobs as well.

    What’s wrong are these witch hunts against teams that sought after specific people for their billion dollar business.

    Imagine running a billion dollar business and being told who you cannot consider or hire for a job.

    Rooney Rule is a rule. There’s specific guidelines to follow. They were followed to the letter, which is the only thing that matters. There’s no need to create controversy when rules are followed.

    But that doesn’t sell advertising, now does it.

  11. I can remember a time (when the 49ers won their first Super Bowl) when the NFL had no black head coaches, only a couple of black quarterbacks and also very few black middle linebackers. Things have changed quite a bit since then.

  12. The more this type of article gets “clicks” the more they will be written, I was shocked not to see a Kaepernick reference somewhere in the article.

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