Report: Greg Schiano a possibility for Patriots

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The Patriots are going to be losing both coordinators shortly after the Super Bowl, which will trigger some important coaching searches for Bill Belichick.

And he may turn to an old friend as he considers how to fill one of those spots.

Via NBC Sports Boston, citing host Gary Tanguay, the Patriots are expected to interview former Buccaneers head coach Greg Schiano for the defensive coordinator vacancy.

Schiano and Belichick have a long background together, and the Patriots used to be populated by a load of Schiano’s old Rutgers players. They’ve also practiced together and professed respect for each other, and Belichick vouched for Schiano’s character after the University of Tennessee coaching search debacle.

Linebackers coach Brian Flores is considered a viable candidate to replace Patricia when he goes to Detroit, but he’s 36 and Belichick might be looking for more experience.

24 responses to “Report: Greg Schiano a possibility for Patriots

  1. That is somewhat interesting. I wonder if that means that BB has given the green light to McDaniels or Patricia to hire Flores for their teams next season.

  2. .
    After the Tennessee debacle which was based on unfounded hearsay, Schiano is considered a liability in the college game. A successful stint as the Patriots defensive coordinator could rehabilitate his tarnished reputation.

  3. He was such a hot head coaching candidate according to this site and the rest of the media, I’m surprised he hasn’t gotten a job yet with all those interviews he’s been going through!

  4. I always feel like B.B. knows something we all don’t… and I’d guess that’d be true…. I’m ready for the Patriots to stop being good… that’s all I know. You’ve had your fun.

  5. This would definitely signal the end of Patriots dynasty.
    Schianopoleon is one of the worst coaches in the NFL, I don’t see Belichick making such a colossal mistake.

  6. The Tennessee football program isn’t exactly an authority on football expertise. That’s been pretty clear for some time now. What Schiano did at Rutgers was fairly remarkable when you look at that program from before he got there to where they got to with him and how it has fallen w/o him. He found and developed his fair share of NFL talent during his stay.

    He’s good enough for Ohio State and perhaps the Patriots. Just not Volunteer material. Right. Enjoy your 6-6 season Tennessee. Pound your chest with pride as you escape a 5th place mid major team at home by 4 points.

  7. Flores should be the next DC. He has worked his way up and has the respect of the players, he deserves it. When BB hires from outside, it fails, ala Dom Capers. As a Pats fan and season ticket member, i don’t like this move at all.

  8. Yeah I can see Schiano coming in as DC, and Flores could maybe move up to be assisstant DC but also keep his LB coaching post.

    Anyway, the loss of both current coordinators isn’t going be as difficult as some salty haters might think – even if the Pats got no one new in because of the depth of talent Belichick always develops: Brady is able to run a lot of the Offense and for the rest of it could be helped by the promotion of receiver’s coach O’Shea who has previous assistant-offense and special-teams coaching jobs in the NFL. And Belichick himself being a Defensive genius could help Flores make the step if needed.

  9. I always love the experts who claim to know more than the greatest GM and Coach in the history of sports.


    Let’s not pretend the Bucaneers are a well run organization. Mark Domenick is a moron, which is why he was fired. Schiano never had a chance.

  10. Gary Tanguay is a buffoon. Belichick likes to promote from within and the DC job will go to Flores-unless Bill does not think he is ready.

  11. BB has had seasons when he didn’t name anyone OC or DC. On the defensive side, BB had Matty P calling plays but neither he nor Pepper Johnson was officially named DC. it was after Mangini so I’d venture to guess 2007?

    (Correction 2010. Bill O’Brien was QB coach but called offensive plays. Matty P was the LB coach and called the defensive plays. Pepper Johnson was the DL coach.)

  12. Well well well. So the guy who intercepted the ball that triggered Deflategate is as of last night now on record saying the ball was never deflated and it was BS brought on by Colts upper manager.

    Any morons still think Brady deflated or ordered deflated footballs illegally? Anyone?

  13. Well well well. So the guy who intercepted the ball that triggered Deflategate is as of last night now on record saying the ball was never deflated and it was BS brought on by Colts upper manager.

    That’s not new. He’s been saying that since the night of the game.

  14. The guy is such freak – remember when the press members showed up to watch practice in the preseason and he made them stand in a 5×5 box he drew on the ground like 200 yards from the field? LOL, Why would anyone do that? Didnt he realize part of his job was selling his credibility to people and he just made enemies for life from anyone who might write about him or his team?

  15. I think they look at Flores as the next HC in waiting. He’s already had an interview. If they don’t give him the DC job, they’ll probably lose him next yr. BB is probably just trying to keep his friend on the NFL map. Agree 100% on the Tanguay comments.

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