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Sam Darnold will be happy to be wherever he lands

If Sam Darnold keeps talking, he will get a chance to say how excited he would be to play for every team in the NFL.

The Southern Cal quarterback was making the rounds at radio row, making him a target for writers as he moved to and fro.

So Steve Serby of the New York Post caught him, and asked him how he’d feel about the possibility of being the second pick in the draft and joining the Giants.

It would be amazing,” Darnold said of being mentored by Eli Manning. “If I do get drafted by New York and he was there, it’d be an amazing opportunity to get better.”

Of course, Serby serves the entire New York region, so he was also obliged to ask about the Jets, who pick sixth.

“It would be awesome to play for them as well,” Darnold said of the Jets.

Darnold had previously expressed the awesomeness of playing for the Browns, who pick first, and are obviously considering a quarterback. Or any team, really. So playing in a big market wouldn’t faze him.

“No, it wouldn’t scare me,” he said. “I dealt with a lot at USC. The market’s pretty big at USC, but I’m sure it’s not as big as New York. I learned a lot at USC being a communications major.”

And one of those lessons was apparently on how to say nothing, pleasantly and often.