Randy Moss is heading to Canton

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The official announcement of the 2018 class for the Pro Football Hall of Fame will be made soon at the NFL Honors show in Minneapolis, but reports of who will be heading to Canton have started to trickle out.

According to multiple reports, Randy Moss will be part of that group. Moss was elected in his first year of eligibility.

Moss caught 982 passes for 15,292 yards and 156 touchdowns over the course of a 14-year career. That career started in the same town where Saturday night’s announcement will be made when the Vikings made Moss the 21st overall pick of the 1998 draft. Moss set the NFL single-season record for receiving touchdowns with 23 for the Patriots in 2007 and ranks second all-time in that category behind Jerry Rice.

Any doubt about whether Moss, who also played for the Raiders, Titans and 49ers, would be elected this year centered on moments of discontent and lackadaisical play in several of his stops. Moss’ remarkable production overcame those negatives. Now we’ll wait to see if Terrell Owens was able to do the same and make it a two-receiver class at the induction ceremony this summer.

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  1. The HOF has become a caricature of itself with inductees like this. Sorry, Randy but you did take too many plays off. The word slacker comes to mind.

  2. Him and TO have very comparable Stats and a combined 0 Rings. If one gets in I think the other needs to.

  3. Hopefully a reporter asks him how it feels to be part of the 2 biggest choke jobs in NFL history, the 1998 Vikings and the 2007 patriots.

  4. Good, hall of fame is a based on numbers and talent and he has both. One of the most talented WRs I’ve ever seen live, has that extra gear when the ball was on the air. Unreal. And he had phenomenal hands.

    I’m wondering what team he will go in as, TO too. I’m
    Guessing a Viking where he created his name but not sure about TO. Hopefully as a Niner

  5. As a Packers fan, I wasn’t crazy about his deportment, but there’s no denying he is one of the all-time great players. He deserves his spot in Canton. Congratulations.

  6. Mo-o-o-o-o-s-s-s-s!!! Needless to say, this is a V-E-R-Y well-deserved honor for one of my all-time favorites, Randy Moss, who was arguably the most physically-gifted wide receiver in NFL history. In terms of pure athleticism, no wideout was better. That, coupled with his high football IQ, made him perhaps the most feared receiver ever among defenses.

  7. Still remember his draft day – I think it took the Vikes 1 second to sprint to the podium to select him!! ’98 was a great season! My family watched so many games where Cunningham just chucked it up there and #84 pulled it in. The Monday night coming out party against the Pack was fantastic as well! SKOL, HOMEY!!

  8. yet the guy with 3 super bowl rings, and who played in 8 division championships game is not.

  9. Belichick said he was one of the smartest players he ever coached. Maybe, just maybe, some of the coaches he dealt with in places he was considered a malcontent were incapable of dealing with his takelent and intellect.

  10. By far the greatest athlete I’ve ever seen in NFL.

    Moss, from day 1 could do things no one else could even approach…Wish he spent his entire career in NE w/Brady…Would have been ridiculous….2007, he was the Freak.

  11. How TO, Moss or Lewis got in over other guys like Lynch, Walls….(the list goes on) etc is a shame. Jackasses who who often times awful teammates, or committed serious crimes,
    over guys who were not only dominant at their position but also just really good guys/teammates.

  12. To those who say Moss and Owens shouldn’t be in because they have 0 Super Bowl rings, are you serious? Based on that logic, Dan Marino should not be in and Trent Dilfer should. The HOF is for players who had an outstanding career. Period.

  13. It’s been an honor and privilege watching him over the years. I just wish he could’ve stayed in Minnesota (thanks for that parting gift, McCombs…ugh).

    But even more importantly, I wish he would’ve been able to win at least one Super Bowl with NE. At least he has the Hall of Fame now; 100% deserved that first ballot.

  14. It was an honor to watch the goat play for my Vikes as a child. As good as some of the receivers are today, no one is even close to moss. He really was gifted with an athleticism that I don’t think I have ever seen in another athlete.

  15. Apart from that one year with Brady and four games with Favre in his last season, here’s a list of the QBs Moss had during his career: Brad Johnson, Randall Cunningham, Jeff George, Daunte Culpepper, Todd Bouman, Gus Frerotte, Kerry Collins, Andrew Walter, Matt Cassel, Alex Smith, Colin Kaepernick, Vince Young, Aaron Brooks, Spergon Wynn, Rusty Smith, Marques Tuiasosopo, Brian Hoyer and Jay Fiedler.

    Imagine what could have been if Moss had a less questionable list of quarterbacks…

  16. I think it’s very appropriate that the HOF has the last laugh. They will eventually induct these very talented but giant PIA divas in but watching them squirm is so worth it. Compared to Owens, Moss was just a minor PIA so yeah, he gets in first, on purpose, to rub it into Mr gold jacket under the cone’s nose a little. Sort of like the HOF pulling a sharpie out of their sock. Word to AB.Talent gets you in, attitude decides when.

  17. I guess it doesn’t matter that he took plays off throughout his career.

    Nope, it doesn’t.

    He is a human highlight reel and forced defenses to game plan around him, and they still couldn’t stop him.

    Love or hate him, he was the best receiver since Rice

  18. How TO, Moss or Lewis got in over other guys like Lynch, Walls….(the list goes on) etc is a shame. Jackasses who who often times awful teammates, or committed serious crimes,
    over guys who were not only dominant at their position but also just really good guys/teammates.


    It’s called talent. It’s also called the hall of FAME, not the hall of really good with strong morals

  19. Randy Moss came to Foxboro and was an immediate contributor, setting records during that fabulous 2007 season. Belichick get veterans who everyone thinks are washed up and gets good to great production out of them, guys like Moss, Junior Seau and now James Harrison.

  20. Randy Moss was the best WR to play in the NFL game. Those mentioning Rice are mistaken. Rice is the Emmitt Smith of WR. He has the numbers but not the best. Watch the highlights of both players it is not even close.

  21. People complaining he took a play off once in a while don’t know what they are talking about. Running go routes the whole game and pulling half of the secondary with you can wear on anyone. When he said that it was in the context of run plays or short passes called for the other side of the field. The specter of Moss being there dictated the defense that had to be played. Offenses took advantage of that fact whether the ball went his way or not. THAT is what made him the best ever. Jerry Rice never changed the way the league had to play defense.

  22. The guy could play, make no mistake. Oddly, teams willing to part with a guy that has that much talent.

    Anyway, the Hall of Fame invite recognizes individual talent and individual stats – and he had ’em both. …football though, is the ultimate TEAM sport…as I said… odd.

  23. ihavepriors says:
    February 3, 2018 at 10:57 pm

    First ballot for a guy that admitted he took games off?


    Games? I think you mean plays.

    “I play when I want to play.” Meaning he could turn-on-the-jets and make a big play when needed. Of course this was taken totally out of context by the media- because that’s what the media does.

  24. cobaltdriver says:

    February 5, 2018 at 2:46 pm

    Well deserved,however ,as fans,how are supposed to remember him..as a Viking or a Patriot?


    He will always be remembered as a Viking. He played several years in MN. Just one year in NE.

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