Sean McVay wins coach of the year

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The Rams became the first team in the history of the Associated Press awards to win offensive player of the year, defensive player of the year and coach of the year.

Sean McVay became the latest to win, earning coach of the year. Todd Gurley won offensive player of the year, and Aaron Donald took defensive honors.

The awards are based on the regular season. Otherwise Eagles coach Doug Pederson likely would have won the award.

McVay received 35 votes to 11 for Mike Zimmer, two for Doug Marrone and one each for Pederson and Belichick.

McVay, 32, led the Rams to an 11-5 record and the NFC West title in his first season as a head coach. The Rams were 4-12 in 2016 and had not qualified for the postseaosn since 2004.

“This really is the ultimate team award,” McVay said, via Myles Simmons of the Orange County Register.

31 responses to “Sean McVay wins coach of the year

  1. “The awards are based on the regular season. Otherwise Eagles coach Doug Pederson likely would have won the award.”

    Doug should have won based on regular season too.
    Better record & beat him head to head.

  2. Well done Sean on winning this prestigious award. However, the best coach happens to be the GOAT, Bill Belichick. Another Super Bowl ring is imminent.

  3. McVay improved the Rams 7 games with the offensive & defensive players of the year.
    Pederson “only” improved the Eagles 6 games, with the “Whizzer” Award winner, which is for off the field achievements.

    And then has Brian Dawkins in a Broncos uniform for the HOF article & people wonder why Eagles fans feel like the team gets no damn respect!

  4. Should have been Belichick, and should have been Belichick last year too instead of Jason Garrett! So does this mean Belichick will instead be awarded GM of the year for the first time in his 18 seasons as the most successful GM of all time? No, it’ll be some suit from the Eagles…

  5. So if its based on regular season, Doug’s Eagles were 13-3 and BEAT McVay and the Rams during the regular season. So you were saying what again?

  6. Many fans will scoff and insist that Doug Pederson should have won, or Mike Zimmer should have won, or Bill Belichick should’ve won. No doubt those coaches (and others) did a tremendous job. But Sean McVay did something that none of those coaches did. The Rams had been huge losers for the past 13 years. Their team culture has been to lose frequently and to expect to lose frequently. But McVay changed all that, and the Rams are a winning team with a winning culture, for the first time since 2003. During that same span (2004-2016), the Eagles had 7 winning seasons and the Vikings had 5 winning seasons. The Rams, those perennial losers, are now winners — and that’s why McVay is Coach of the Year.

  7. I guess I can’t argue with this. I do think Pederson should habe won though. Since mcvay had both the offensive and defensive players of the year on his team, should that take some of his credit away?

  8. Maybe Kroenke should get Owner of the Year for getting rid of Jeff Fisher! Yeah, I would like to have seen Zimmer and Harrison Smith recognized, but I’d rather see them in the Super Bowl, which is the whole point. Ultimately, these are pad-your-paycheck awards and little else. The Rams and their award winners, along with 30 other teams, will all be saying, “wait till next year”.

  9. vaphinfan says:
    February 3, 2018 at 8:17 pm
    …..the great gm Belichick traded away the NFL sack leader this year.

    And yet without a pure pass rusher his team finished 7th in total sacks vs AZ’s 17th and is about to play in the Super Bowl…again. Meanwhile here you are trolling him chip…again.

  10. So was McVay that good or was Jeff Fisher just that bad? Probably a little of both. Congratulations to McVay for the award.

  11. LOL. The two guys that actually got to the bowl got one vote. Talk about style over substance…

  12. Congrats to McVay. Too bad Doug Marrone and Calais Campbell aren’t in the LA market that’s obviously being propped up by the NFL right now. Both had 7 game turnaround seasons and Calais was monstrous. Weird how both fell their way…

  13. Team is in a weak division.
    Team has franchise QB.
    QB has receivers
    Offense has pro bowl caliber RB.

    In Buffalo,
    McDermott was the GM before Beane was hired.
    Traded Watkins.
    Was without starting CBs from previous year.
    Was without ANY healthy WR.
    Was without a franchise QB.
    Had one of the oldest Ds.

    OC couldn’t coach his way out of a paper bag.

    Buffalo went just as far in playoffs.

    National media fails again.

  14. McVay is a great coach no doubt, but if he were ten years older and coached in any city that wasn’t a hot market the NFL was attempting to break back into, Pederson wins easy. How many coaches lose a player who got MVP votes along with a slew of other injuries to pro bowl players and other key contributors, AND STILL lock down HFA with a week to spare? Then, he had his second and third team playing against Dallas’ starters and still kept them out of the end zone.

    Speaking of losing an MVP, it happened in the game AGAINST McVay. So Foles had to come in cold trailing and still managed to come back and win.

    Pederson achieved all that he did this year without the benefit of the offensive and defensive players of the year helping out as well.

    I understand that McVay took a bad team and turned them around. The caveat here is that he took over a Jeff Fisher team. The talent was there already. It’s not like the 2016 Eagles lot the world on fire and we’re expected to be a top tier team by anyone in the media. They were expecting 9-7, maybe 10-6 and squeaking into a wild card one-amd-done appearance .

    I just don’t see the logic here.

  15. Meh, let McVay have coach of the year. While it is deserved, I’m sure Peterson and Belichick are happy with the Super Bowl honors.

  16. Rams have best coach, best offensive player and best defensive player and lose Wild Card playoff game at home. NICE!

    Just more disrespect for the Philadelphia Eagles – and just another reason why they will dominate the Patriots and send a message to the ENTIRE LEAGUE tomorrow night that they are, without a doubt, THE BEST TEAM in the NFL.

    Oh, and, since this is the same group of voters who gave this award to “The Clapper”- Jason Garrett last year, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised by anything they do.

  17. There is NO logic that says Mcvay should of been coach of the year over Pederson. Sorry but the NFL just got this plain WRONG!!!

  18. Good thing Jeff Fisher laid the groundwork (wink*wink) for all that success this year. One must assume “the foundation” Fisher claims to have laid consisted primarily of moving boxes which carted his possessions out of the Ram facilities.
    Nice job, Sean.

  19. computojon says:

    The Rams had been huge losers for the past 13 years. Their team culture has been to lose frequently and to expect to lose frequently. But McVay changed all that

    The Rams have a Lombardi. The Eagles don’t have a single one. Pederson should have won the award, and this comes from a Cowboys fan.

  20. vaphinfan says:

    Streetyson…..the great gm Belichick traded away the NFL sack leader this year. Good move.
    Maybe you hadn’t noticed, but Belichick’s Patriots are in the Super Bowl, yet again.

    Never doubt the Hoodie.

  21. McVay had a few things going for him:

    1 – getting rid of Fisher and putting in an average HC would improve the team by a couple of wins

    2 – Goff had a year of experience and off season practice to improve

    3 – the Rams got some good receivers for Goff that he didn’t have under Fisher.

    I’m not saying that McVay didn’t do a very good job, just that there were other factors that heavily contributed to the increase in wins.

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