Terrell Owens gets the call from the Hall of Fame

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Terrell Owens’ Hall of Fame candidacy has been hotly debated the last few years, but it won’t be a topic leading up to the 2019 election.

Owens announced on Instagram that he has been elected to the Hall of Fame. He will join Randy Moss to make it a two-receiver class in Canton this summer.

Owens entered the league as a 49ers third-round pick in 1996 and ranks eighth all-time in catches, second in receiving yards and third in receiving touchdowns, but he was passed over for election the last two seasons.

His messy relationships with teammates, coaches and the media was seen as the reason why he didn’t get the nod. Owens called it “mind-boggling” during a visit to PFT Live this week, but he won’t have to do more campaigning now that his on-field work won over the selection committee this year.

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  1. Good for him. Probably woulda got a ring in Philly if he didn’t act like a fool and ruin it. Oh well. . . .

  2. Well deserved and overdue. Think what you want about the guy. He was one of the best on the field, and though people question his off the field character, fact is that he never murdered anyone, and he has never been accused of raping anyone like some future hall of famer has been on more than one occasion. Funny how people forget certain things…

  3. bird2urmother says:
    February 3, 2018 at 6:31 pm
    Good for him. Probably woulda got a ring in Philly if he didn’t act like a fool and ruin it. Oh well. . . .
    He would have been an easy MVP choice if they won in 04.

  4. As much of a pain as he was, he still had an all-time great Super Bowl performance in 2004, albeit in a losing effort, that should not be ignored. Congratulations T.O.!

    -Eagles fan

  5. If there’s still a doubt he should be in, then who could possibly present him? Drew Rosenhaus is the only one I could think of. Certainly no teammates.

  6. Now Canton is going to have to spend money to build a “Nursery Dept.” wing for Owens and Moss’ busts.
    (Maybe a single prison cell for Lewis?)

  7. “commentawaitingdeletion says: February 3, 2018 at 6:50 pm Our long national nightmare is over. I’m not sure we could have survived the butthurt if Moss got selected and Owens didn’t but the meltdown would have been wildly entertaining.”

    Goodness. TO would have done his Donald Duck impression then his head would explode. The guy certainly does deserve to be in the HOF, and deserved it on the first ballot. I didn’t care for his antics, but cannot deny the man’s talent. Good TO.

  8. I’m thinkin we’re gonna see the flood gates open when he gives his speech in the way he cried about Tony Romo being his “teammate/quarterback”

  9. Can’t stand him but the truth is the truth. The man has earned his place in Canton. Good for him.

    Hopefully, this will give him the validation he has been longing for.

  10. Character should most certainly be a consideration when voting for the HOF. Bad character does nothing to help your team no matter what kind of stats a player has. Anyone that would intentionally hurt their team does not belong in the Hall.

  11. Congrats to T.O. He absolutely deserves it based on his football skills and career performance results.

  12. bird2urmother says:
    February 3, 2018 at 6:31 pm

    Good for him. Probably woulda got a ring in Philly if he didn’t act like a fool and ruin it. Oh well. . . .


    You clearly didn’t watch him play in the SB with Philly. He was the best player in that game, one of the best SB performances I’ve ever seen. He almost willed the team to a win. For all his antics, I’ve respected him ever since then.

  13. If Moss Goes then TO goes. If Brandon Marshal has 2 more seasons like he did just 2 years ago I hope he doesn’t get in without a deep playoff Run. He’s literally a cancer to every team, and a Playoff Jinx (to 10-6 teams no playoffs)

  14. After I heard that he said he did not want to to be inducted as a 9ER I’ve soured on Ownens. Well deserved on him HOF worthy but now dislike him.

    I’m hoping the punk decides to go into the Hall as a Raven or Bill

  15. I well remember TO’s rookie year when Jerry Rice was tutoring and mentoring him. Owens dropped a lot of passes but you could see his big play potential. Believe it or not Owens was very humble and addressed the media as Sir, LOL

    Congrats to TO. He deserved this honor. I believe the media and voters knew he was a hall of famer but wanted to punish him last year for all his antics during his playing career. They wanted to humble him

  16. I loved him on the Dallas star ! That was something ! T.O. Needs this ,probably more than most Hall of Fame inductees . He’s had many many problems since retirement. Hope this helps him,well deserved .

  17. This is a bigger farce than that system QB in NE winning MVP. Just the NFL doing everything they can to prop up their poster children.

  18. M’boy OCHOUNO gets the nod, ’bout damn time, son. Hardest workin’ wideout ever, on the field… Mr. Production! Congrats to Randy Moss, Brian Urlacher and the other new inductees, as well.

    Mr. Bill Polian: read this and weep.

  19. T.O. always gave his all, he is cranked up to 11. It affected his jerk side as well at times.

    Induction to the HOF hopefully dials back his bitterness. Florio & Simms are giving a great, respectful interview. Owens knocks the table over, drags Ray Lewis’ legal troubles into the conversation, and rips the integrity of the Hall of Fame.

    This is why it took 3 years, #81.

  20. “Sorry character should count for something. He’s a team cancer. Issac Bruce Deserves to be in over T.O.”

    No it doesn’t and no he doesn’t. Good god.

  21. “This is a bigger farce than that system QB in NE winning MVP. Just the NFL doing everything they can to prop up their poster children.”

    What’s most hilarious about this guy isn’t the 12 screen names he uses but the fact that he up votes all his own posts while they arw still in moderation land. LOL

  22. Get your popcorn ready for his speech. I wonder if he’s going to rip everyone…. Donovan Mcnabb, Steve Mariucci, Jeff Garcia, Tony Romo, Jason Witten.

  23. When the smoke clears people will recognize Isaac Bruce and go I didn’t know he did all of that… his legacy was pre and during greatest show on turf. He wasn’t a loud mouth me guy so he doesn’t get the props. Check the numbers. You guys are stupid. the greatest show on turf had a lot of talent and he STILL put up numbers when the ball was shared with other HOFers. Bruce you’ll get in and you’re a total CLASS act….

  24. I guess the voters got over their personal dislike. Laughable how adamant some of them were that Owens wasn’t a HOFer just two years ago.

    Bruce is almost certainly the next WR in. Not going to hurt him to wait a bit.

  25. Well, it’s safe to say he won’t acknowledge McNabb or Garcia in his speech..The way he played on a broken leg in Super Bowl 39 was enough for me to put him in there…Love him or hate him, at least he gave his all all the time unlike a certain receiver who “played when he wanted to play”

  26. The Hall really went for character this year — Ray Lewis, Randy Moss and Terrell Owens. No wonder fans are leaving in droves.

  27. LyinRogerMustGo says:
    February 3, 2018 at 6:43 pm
    bird2urmother says:
    February 3, 2018 at 6:31 pm
    Good for him. Probably woulda got a ring in Philly if he didn’t act like a fool and ruin it. Oh well. . . .
    He would have been an easy MVP choice if they won in 04.
    You mean if Philly had a QB he would have had a ring.

  28. Congratulations to him. I only wish he had focused his energy and talents better for my Eagles.
    As it was he scuttled what might have been a two or three time Super Bowl winner.

  29. donttrollonme says:
    February 3, 2018 at 6:56 pm
    Finally, the old farts that vote let it go!

    I didn’t like his antics either, but he was a HELL of a Football player.

    Well I guess the old farts thought that they’d return the favor for having to suffer through the 12 year old version of TO every time he made a TD, as if he was always the first to achieve one, by making him sweat it out. Let’s see if giving him a big boy award brings his sense of class up a notch or two.

  30. People need to get over themselves with this team cancer TO thing. People get to offended if they don’t hear/get what they want now these days. i believe TO was misunderstood and maybe went the wrong way of doing things in some people’s eyes. T.O. was Electric, Powerful and game changing in his days. And any fool on these posts would of wished/prayed he was on there team. i wished he would of been on my team. majority of the players loved him, while the others who hated him wish they had his game. and need to get over themselves. TO & Moss when on the field changed the game. All the other stuff off the field is BS to me.

  31. Issac Bruce was a great Wide out no doubt. but not on T.O. and Mosses level, not even close on Bruce’s best day. Bruce was surrounded by HOFers his whole career at every position that made him better.. TO and Moss had hot garage around them and junk QBs giving them the ball. Minus the few years Moss had Brady, and made the teams better. that’s the difference between HOF WR’s and Issac Bruce.

  32. T.O. Definitely belongs in the Hall of Fame. He did give 110% every single down and rep in practice. He literally gave the game all he had. He’s a Jerry Rice disciple, who was a Roger Craig disciple. The 49er way of having that desire and intensity to take your game to the next level.

    My favorite T.O. Play is Garrison Hearst’s run when he escorted and provided downfield blocking the whole way for Hearst. T.O. Should have been 1st Ballot.

    Been down with this WR since he wore #15. From the dropped passes in playoff games against Green Bay to the miraculous catches..Don’t like the way he talks bad about the 9ers, don’t really care about Mooch he was right about him…but hey that’s between him and them…congrats Terrell Owens..well deserved.

  33. It’s about doggone time!!!! Stats do NOT lie. I hope he goes in as a Cowboy, and has Jerry Jones or Tony Romo as his presenter!!! In addition, Parcells is probably crying in his milk, as he would never call him by his name, a total travesty 😦 My opinion…….

  34. Say what you will, but TO played like HOF WR and certainly deserve to be there. There are MANY others that got in that are more debatable. His numbers speak for themselves, but I only wish they could speak at his speech.

  35. Terrell Owens was shunned by the Hall Of Fame Electors because of his history of being a distraction on the field and in the locker room. However no one can dispute the fact that he is one of the greatest receivers of all time (look at his stats) and deserves to be in the HOF.

    Here’s a 2002 quote from Bill Walsh: “What’s so perplexing is that he (TO) doesn’t get in any of the usual off-the-field trouble. He’s as sharp in meetings as any player I’ve seen — he knows his assignments and everyone else’s. But just when you think he’s ready to become a truly elite player, he just self-destructs.”

    In the 2005 SB when the Pats beat the Eagles 24-21, TO had a meltdown and blamed the loss on Donovan McNabb. With Owens, it was always someone else’s fault.

    I’m glad he finally made it into the NFL Hall of Fame but it’s too bad he can’t be listed in the HOF “Book” w/ an asterisk (* = PITA).

  36. Niners produce the best of the best. Montana, Rice,Owens. The three best player of all time who played in the toughest eras unlike today’s flag football rules where you can’t touch the qb without a penalty and free first down to help them score. Montana won his four rings without the referees help, never lost a superbowl, never threw a pick in the Super Bowl. All in the toughest era of the defense allowed to kill the qb any way you want to hit him. There was no stupid hit to the helmet or hit too low. No stupid defenseless reciever penalty. If Montana played in this soft era of protecting the qb, Montana would play into his 40’s and have close to 10 rings. Same with Michael Jordan. He would have 10 rings in today’s soft era. Plus Brady plays in the weakest division of all time with the worst qbs of all time. He gets a free pass to the playoffs every year playing against bums and the soft rules. Zero competition in the afc. Brady and lebron james will never be the greatest. Put Brady in the 80’s and he’d be lucky to have one ring and he’d be lucky to survive ten years in the nfl. Brady would have been concussed and broken in half every year. He wouldn’t be able to cry to the refs like he does in every game today. When comparing the best you have to take their era into account. Brady isn’t even the second best of all time. Bradshaw and starr are better than Brady and played in alot tougher eras. They earned their rings without the refs help. I’d even put elway above Brady because of eras. Bradys era is such a joke, might as well be two hand touch or flag football.

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